UAE Embassy Attestation by OLY Pakistan

Nikahnama Attestation from UAE embassy

Nikahnama and other attestations from the UAE embassy are impossible for an individual as the embassy doesn’t entertain individuals.  They have selected only three organizations as agents who could get your documents attested. With the Diaspora of more than 1.2 million, these three agents can not treat their applicants swiftly and when it comes to handling your documents they always seem to make mistakes. However, to put an end to this they have sublet other agents who are responsible for bringing in applicants and responsible for handling the paperwork and deal with the applicant directly and guide them throughout the attestation process. OLY is providing these services to the people and has been helping them for the past ten years. We can help you in speeding up the Nikahnama attestation process. In Islamabad and more specifically in Pakistan anything that involves the government work requires patience as the departments take a lot of time in processing anything. The requirements as per the embassy are

  • Marriage Certificate (Nikah Nama) in Urdu must be translated into English
  • NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate (Both in Urdu & English) are compulsory to be submitted for attestation
  • The copies of passports, residence visas and CNICs must also be attached
  • Nikahnama (both in English and in Urdu) must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before getting them attested from the UAE embassy.

OLY get also get that done from you since it also takes a lot of time to wait in line for hours and they don’t properly guide you. So, OLY is here to make your attestation worries go away. Only for nominal charges and sitting at home you can get your documents attested in minimum possible time. We will make sure that your documents are handled and attested properly since we believe because we are a team of dedicated professionals who are very much familiar with the attestation process and know who to get it done as quickly as possible

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