Nikah nama Attestation from Qatar Embassy

While working in Qatar, you are at some point expected to get your documents attested. If you are married you can be asked to verify your marriage certificate to make sure that you and your wife are legal immigrants and have gone through proper channels to work and stay in Qatar. They can ask you to get you nikahnama attested from the Qatar Embassy in Islamabad, Karachi Pakistan. The Qatari Embassy doesn’t entertain the individual candidates for security and other reasons. However, they have chosen agencies like SASHA International to get your documents attested. SASHA have further sublet it operations of getting the documents attested to other agencies. OLY is one these sublet agents and is a trusted name when it comes to getting your documents attested for the past couple of years. The Qatar Embassy has some requirements for the nikahnama attestation. These requirements are:

  • English/Urdu translated Marriage Certificate,  prior attested from MOFA Pakistan.
  • Copy of Qatar Visa or Job Offer Letter
  • Passport copies from husband and wife
  • Original NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate or Urdu Nikah Nama, prior attested from MOFA Pakistan.
  • CNIC copies from husband and wife

We do not only get your documents attested by the Qatar Embassy but also fill in the pre-requisites like getting your nikahnama attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). You are one phone call away from getting your documents attested by sitting in your home enjoying your vacation. You can also send us your documents through courier services. We make sure that your documents are handled with extreme care and get your nikahnama and other documents attested in 6-10 working days depending upon the Qatar Embassy constraints.

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