Nawaz Sharif On The Repeat Course

ScreenHunter_12 Jul. 23 11.18By Maheen Jibran

A common Pakistani like me was very happy in 2007 because everybody around was praising democracy. Only a few criticized it because they knew that things would get worse than ever before. They were right; I still remember 2006 when there were just one or two hours of load shedding. Now it’s around 12 hours in a day and in rural areas it’s even more than 18 hours a day.

Since 2007 two democratic governments tried to bring change in our lives, PPP and PMLN. They were not very much successful, even today; PMLN is playing with time and sentiments of the people and making fools of them. The lives of the people have become unbearable through inflation, security issues, load shedding and corruption scandals. Corruption is so deep rooted that it has become like a terminal cancer patient. You may disagree with me, but the facts will never change. Now I shall not discuss the PPP government because that is story of the past but still haunting us. Now let’s focus on the priorities of current PML-N government.

For last 1 year around 900+ Pakistanis died due to religious extremism and most of them died in urban areas. Several cross border attacks both from the East and the West took place but the government never retaliated. Foreign moles destabilizing our country with every passing day is a common story. No foreign investment is coming in, Basha dam has been delayed almost till 2037 and a lot of money spent on nonproductive schemes while the govern schools, hospitals are rotting for want of medicines, staff and other facilities.

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The government announced an addition of 1500MW electricity to the National Grid station but that was just on papers; the proof of which is that load shedding increased from 8 hours to 12 hours and more.

25 new locomotives were purchased for Pakistan Railways and all of them were faulty. Was an act of commission or omission the authorities must investigate? But so far no accountability has seen the light therefore it’s all hush hush. And this is all happening in a so called democratically elected government is all about.

Education has also become a commercial ventures, licenses are being given and as told has a going price establish new universities. These universities are turning out graduates in large numbers but there is no creation of new jobs to absorb these graduates who are passing out every year.

These are the priorities of government and when people come on the roads in a protest PMLN supporters start saying “Let us work don’t pull our legs “, and what kind of work they are doing? Giving high posts to loved ones. Appointing CJP’s brother Jalil Abbas Jilani as Ambassador to the U.S. is a noble way to buy the loyalties of the judiciary.

Giving benefits and relaxations to a Private TV channel which is not only pro India but very venomous towards the institutions of Pakistan is an open threat to the state.

During his state visit to India at the installation ceremony of Narindera Modi, he had no courtesy to meet the Kashmiri leaders but instead had photo sessions with actors. This was a serious blow to the sentiments of the Kashmiris.

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To him his business comes first; he never misses an opportunity to promote his business. During his visit to India, he along with his son Hussain Nawaz visited a business tycoon who is a leading steel trader of India.

There are reports that Nawaz Sharif has allocated lands to his favourites at Port Qasim Karachi by circumventing the rules.

Lahore massacre of 17th June is a very heinous crime where innocent and unarmed people including two women were killed by the police. The women were manhandled by SP of the area and then killed from point blank range. Is this democracy? Yes, ‘Democracy is the best revenge.’

Over half a million people have been displaced due to operation Zarb-e Azb in North Waziristan in FATA. Instead of visiting them our honorable Prime Minister has left for Saudi Arabia to pass last 10 days of Ramzan over there. His visit is a cover to seek Saudi intervention to stabilize his government in Pakistan.

All said and done, Nawaz Sharif is only to blame himself for all the crisis in Pakistan that are eventually posing a threat to his government. His rigging of his own seats in Lahore has become a major issue. Najam Sethi of “puncture wala” fame is the one who as caretaker Chief Minister did all the tricks for which he has been rewarded.

Now due to his own actions he is inviting the undemocratic forces to come into power. It’s not the first time he would have done it. If we look back in the 90s, he did the same, he tried to hijack a plane and ended up losing the government.

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He took money from the people under “Qarz utaro Mulk Swanro” where the girls gave away their jewelry for the national cause but nobody knows where that money went. He is fond of doing such adventures; he didn’t learn anything from the past.

Currently he is trying to repeat the history; whenever he comes into government he thinks that he has become master of the country. May Allah teach him a lesson and bring our country out of the problems.

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