Today on 12th March, Prime minister Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz sharif visits Imran khan leader of a growing political party Pakistan Tehrik insaf and opposition Leader in national assembly. Interior minister and Irfan who is leading peace talk with TTP was also with him. It was good gesture by Mian Nawaz, that he went to meet Imran khan on his invitation.

A common thought which was in mind of most of the Pakistani People about that the government is not working properly and there is corruption, law and order, privatization and peace talks with TTP who have killed thousands of Pakistanis. It would be an immense mistake to mention here about killing of many childrens in Thar Desert. All these above problems are mentioned by Imran khan’s supporter as well. It was expected that khan being leader of opposition party would suggest solutions and would request government to take strong initiative on these points and try to solve all these issue. where as a different kind of behavior was observed after the meeting.