There are thousands of rumors spreading about MQM new successor after Altaf Hussain. As we all knew that Pakistani Intelligence Agencies decided and took an utter decision about MQM minus Altaf.

It’s the debatable thing to discuss either it’s right or wrong decision. Every big decision has a large impact on the society which can be in positive/negative form. In my opinion, it would be a better decision for Urdu speaking community and people of Karachi.

Altaf Hussain who always remain a power in his own hand and his prior record show that he always took a big decision by his own. So he decided finally to choose his successor after facing a great pressure from Law Enforcement Agencies. He selected three names,  to whom he trust blindly. These people are Muhammad Anwar, Nadeem Nusrat and Farooq Sattar. Admittedly Nadeem Nusrat is the most appropriate choice for Altaf Hussain. There is the certain reason behind it.

  • He remained closed with Altaf Hussain a long time
  • He is in London on self-exile. So Altaf Hussain can approach him easily.
  • He didn’t visit Pakistan since 1992, even in Musharraf reign.
  • He owns outspoken personality.
  • He owes Altaf Hussain.
  • He faced hard and soft times with Altaf Hussain and never left him alone.
  • He never is selected as an MNA/MPA

These characteristics endorsed him for MQM new chief.  And it’s expected this announcement will be done on 14th August 2015.