After a graduation in Finance, i was spending my days at home. One Day, My mother said , what you will do , why not you become serious now. I said, i want to do a business and only business. She replied, we don’t have a big amount that we gave you for business. As in her mind, that a person only do business who have million’s rupees.  But anyways, I took my mother words very seriously as i love her a lot.

I start thinking, where i should apply.The first company came in my mind is SNL Financials. I applied for an analyst job on 12th August 2013. On next day when i was sleeping, received a call , next person on phone said, I am Nouman calling you from SNL financials, so can i take an interview of your. I rubbed my eyes, and said ok sure, why not! and then he started questioning me.

After I was giving a brief introduction of myself, education and experiences. He started questions related to finance , i answered almost all of the questions correctly. He said, we will call you, if you shortlisted. I replied, ok thanks, take care bye and hang up the phone.

On 15th August, i was wandering for business work in Blue Area, Islamabad. I received a call from same person. He said,we scheduled your interview at 4PM tomorrow. So Please come on time , we will wait of your , Thanks! bye …

I reached SNL Financial Al Khair Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad on time. Receptionist said me for wait. I sitted on a sofa at waiting room.

snl financial islamabad

After 15 minutes awaiting, a person called me and then my interview start. 🙂

  Quantum Note: The Higher Education Farce

As usual he asked me introduce yourself. I introduced myself. then he asked questioning which are not related to my work , they were general questions 🙁

He said, what are you strengths? I replied my strengths o.O are 😛 my motivating skills, IT & my friendly nature.

then he said , what are your weakness? I replied , give me few secs to think about it. :/ then whatever came in my mind , i spoke.

My first weakness is that sometimes people are unable to understand me :P, He shocked, as job requirement is Good in communication and i was saying, I am not Good communicator.

then i said my second weakness which really made him fatigued as i said, my English is not so good as other people are good in writing and speaking in this language.

but when i told him, my third weakness, both interviewer are shocked, i said , i am not good looking 😛 , one interviewer said, who said? you are good looking 😛 , I replied, Thank you!

Then they started finance questions and i answered all of them correctly except the one 🙁  what’s the difference between Good will and market value?