Pakistan sole enemy India, own a very strong foreign policy which strengthen its ties with other countries around the globe.This should be an alarming situation for Pakistan. As we don’t have foreign minister since 2013 which depicts our seriousness on foreign relationship.

India is helping Iran in building Chabhar port which is just 70km far away from Gwadar. Historically, Iran never remain Pakistan’s ally but, still some pakistani’s are supporting Iran on Arab Spring.

Maldive is muslim island country but it has more influence of India. Maldive has strong strategic importance due to geographical location. India is increasing its presence there and might be soon they get their own puppet government.

Sri-lanka new government are now maintaining good tether with Republic of India. Hope so they will settle down the issues between the two countries. New Government reexamining the bilateral relationship between China & Sri-lanka.

Fiji is the third largest country followed by Australia & New zealand  of worlds separated continent “Australia”. Demographically ethnic Indian contains 40% of country population. In Modi reign, both countries started close and strategic relationship.

These all above facts portray that now no one can denounce the influential foreign policy of world largest democracy.