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Mullah Omar In Kabul

By Raja G Mujtaba

I was sitting and pondering over some recent developments in the region. I was thinking Iran and China; the new initiatives by Pakistan were going in the right direction. I was also thinking who could have murdered Karzai’s brother and to what benefit? While I was thinking all this, I got a call from Hamid Rajput that Mullah Omar has been traced. It was a headline news that could have the world media on its feet but why wasn’t it being reported.

When Hamid Rajput unfolded the whole story the crux was that no western media would break this news. As a matter of fact it was Hamid Karzai who was negotiating through Homa Sultani. When Hamid Karzai is negotiating then certainly it’s not without American blessings.  America would not disclose the story, even their media would not, if they do, it would sabotage their efforts.

Homa Sultani is a member of Wolesi Jirga, the lower house. She was also the candidate for the post of the Speaker of the Wolesi Jirga therefore she is no ordinary person. She was talking to Khyber TV, a Pushto netwrork where to a question, she confirmed that it was only two days back that she met Mullah Omar in the suburbs of Kabul. She is negotiating on behalf of Hamid Karzai, indirectly for the US. What she really discussed with Mullah Omar was not made public by her for obvious connotations that could jeopardize her position.

What really matters is that when the US and even Hamid Karzai cry wolf and blame Pakistan for harbouring such persons stands exposed. Even the 2nd May incident is all shrouded in mysteries and secrecies on which pretext, Hillary Clinton came with a loud noise that Pakistan should produce Mullah Omar otherwise the US would take strong measures. Obama was not lacking behind either, he threatened Pakistan that if need be the US would attack and recover such people.  Now the American duplicity stands exposed. With this story of Mullah Omar, now more doubts have been created about the truth of OBL.

What Hamid Rajput has disclosed should put the thinking world into a spin and they in turn should be questioning the main media for why they have not reported such a happening. It only goes to prove that the mainstream media is in league watching the destruction of the world.

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Why the world media did not carry such an important news, why the American public is being kept in the dark is a big question mark. Rupert Murdoch must be having the answer, why is he silent needs to be studied.

The man who controls the world media Rupert Murdoch is an Israeli Jewish of Australian descent. Wha’ts said about him, “Murdoch’s primary motivation isn’t even that he is “for Israel.”  Murdoch is, perhaps, the most influential Israeli, more powerful than Netanyahu.  The problem with that is that his beliefs are what we call “ultra-nationalist.”

This makes him a threat.  Ultra-nationalists are known to support wars, plan terrorist acts, and manipulate populations into strife and racism, foster fear and panic, even financial ruin.”

Now the US claim that after OBL they are sure that Mullah Omar too is in Pakistan someplace in Balochistan stands proven as a big lie. Americans are in the process of negotiating with him through 3rd persons. Basically the Americans want to keep Pakistan out of the process of negotiating; this again they are playing with fire.  Reportedly, Pakistan is in a far more strong positions to negotiate any deal but the US will have to repose full trust in them. On the contrary, Americans are busy defaming Pakistan and painting her as a ‘failed state.’ This all goes back to Rupert Murdoch doctrine and his associates in the Capitol Hill and elsewhere that matter.

On one hand a pressure is mounted on President Zardari, Gen Ashfaq Kayani and General Pasha the DG ISI to refrain from engaging the Taliban or their cahoots while she engages them at all levels. This is a gross contradiction of American thinking and policies, a better word it’s the American hypocrisy that’s an obstruction for any meaningful settlement.

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Now with these developments, Hillary Clinton the American Charmer and her lieutenants should feel some guilt in what they been trying to push it down Pakistan’s throat.  From this it all appears that the Us is not interested in ending the war but expanding it to a wider circle more so in Pakistan, a frontline state and non NATO member ally of the US.

Latest UPDATE:

Mullah Abdul Baseer who arranged the meeting between Mullah Omar and Homa Sultani said it very affirmatively that the meeting did take place and it was in the general interest of the country to stop bloodshed and bring normalisation to Afghanistan. He also stated that Mullah Omar is very much in Afghanistan and not in Pakistan as reported by the Western media and State Department of the US. 

He also stated that Mullah Omar would never talk to occupying forces.

Note: Although the Taliban have denied this meeting but when Homa Sultani was contacted by the source, she stood firm on her statement that she did have a meeting.