Editor’s Note: This article was read by Mr Mubashir Lucman in his TV programme on Express TV on 6th May 2010. The video is embedded below.

By Naveed Tajammal

Shah Mahmood expecting an applause from Manmohan Singh

It is our misfortune that we in Pakistan, since 1947,have  mostly ,been ruled by turn coats, the class of rulers which had been ,created by the British after 1849, In fact there has been no such era except for the military rule that we did not have a turn coat to rule Pakistan. By and large, our so called politician were nurtured under the wings of a Military Man, be it, be, Z A Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Chaudries of Gujrat, Yousuf Raza Gillani or Shah Mahmood Quraishi. Irony is that these very politicians of today, have been cultivated and raised by the military rulers and after suckering them, today have the cheeks to abuse their mentors.

One such personality is Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Quraishi who was elected as MPA and then appointed as Finance Minister in General Zia’s era. Not only that, his late father Makhdoom Sajjad Husain Quraishi had been Governor Punjab under General Ziaul Haq, for a good three years. When we have people of such character who are always for power no matter what, then expecting any principle, stand from them is our worst expectation.

Not only Makhdoom Sajjad Husain Qureshi’s ancestors but those of other Makhdooms and Nawabzadas, Peerzadas and Sahibzadas, as well Khan Bahaduars and Maliks, too were rewarded by the English for their loyalties. These people sold the interest of the land and its people just to be in the good books of the British and retain power at any cost. Today the same people are again playing with the fate of Pakistan.

Today we are blessed with a foreign minister who comes from the same creed. He is the Foreign Minister of Pakistan but in fact he is a foreigner to Pakistan. Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Quraishi,maintaining the family tradition, had his son as an internee with John Kerry, Qureshi, praised the Kerry Lugar Bill as a historic document. This document indeed was historic in its own right. Never before in our history, Pakistan was chained by such clauses that formed the basics of this Bill. These clauses were total slavery but Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s son benefited at the cost of Pakistan. Thanks to General Ashfaque Kayani and his formation commanders who took a stand against this so called historic document and vindicated the self esteem of this nation. Shah Mahmood Quraishi, to prove his loyalty, never allowed any debate on this Bill in the Parliament.

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Now what happened at Bhutan SAARC conference is least surprising but most shameful. As was noted recently, and is self explanatory judging by his recent conduct and statements in a press conference, Shah Mahmood Quraishi, on a question replied, “Pakistan; has often accused India of stealing our share of Indus basin waters, but such is not the fact, the fault lies within ourselves, we are mismanaging our water resources.” To another question, whether, the Government of Pakistan had raised the issue at the SAARC summit in Bhutan, Quraishi, replied, ”Pakistan authorities have a, ‘Tendency to Exaggerate.”

His third faux pas, was, ”The Foreign Office had not received any information from the concerned ministry, about any violations of the Indus water treaty, by the Indians, for now almost 20 years,”,thus proving, that he was more loyal then the king himself, but, Shah Mahmood, failed, to give any plausible answer, as to reasons why, the concerned ministry, erred in such a callous manner when it was a question of our survival.

Unknown to Quraishi it had all started in 1984, on the issue of Wullhar barrage construction, that takes it 26 years back, about the same time his father had been made the governor of Punjab, by general Zia ul Haq, and Mahmood Quraishi had been elected to the Punjab provincial assembly, but now, Quraishi is the foreign minister of the PPP government; a smooth turn coat, is he not? Infact it was the same lot which had advised, General Zia to hang Zulfiqar Ali  Bhutto. Soon after General Zia’s departure from the scene, most of the Makdooms changed sides and joined Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Peoples Party under his daughter Benazir Bhutto; what shameless creatures are these.

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Shah Mahmood Qurieshi, again stated, in the same press conference, that the share of Pakistan’s, waters from the upper three rivers, is 104 MAF, and our consumption amounts to, 70 MAF, it is the balance 34 MAF, which is not accounted for.Qureishi, further elaborated ,in the same press conference, that “Our politicians” (mind you that Shah Mahmood Quraishi too is one, unless he was inducted from the DMG CADRE), “are creating an unwarranted fuss, that Indians are stealing our waters, our nation is being misguided, in reality we are mismanaging our water resources.”

The question which irks ones mind, is, how is that the good friends,(Indians) of our foreign minister are negating his stance, by stating that lack of water supply is because of,” climate change and low rainfalls.’

Now let us see the ground realities unknown to, ”Qureishi”.

In a article published in The News, a daily on 01 may 2010, by Khalid Hussain, ”IWT under threat’ Part-III, water, war and peace. ””Wullhar, also continues to haunt the IWT, despite having been arbitrated by the NE (neutral expert, nominated by world bank) to the satisfaction of both parties; The Indus river system authority (IRSA) Pakistan’s, water distribution body,  has claimed, to have received only 19,351 cusecs, on 09 October 2009 and a low of 10,739 cusecs from the Chenab river, on 11 Oct 2009, ‘‘Under the IWT, India must ensure a minimum discharge of 55,000 cusecs ”from the Chenab River, alone”.

Qureishi should know, that, the bulk of Indian dam building is on this very Chenab river, to high light just a few of the Indian projects, on the Chenab river,  behind Baglihar l & ll, comes Sawalkot which has a reservoir capacity 13 times larger then Baglihar dam, behind that is ”bursar; being built on the Marusudar river the main tributary of Chenab, this massive structure is going to be 765 feet high, remember our Tarbela in which we take a lot of pride is, only 465 feet high and Mangla is 453 feet.

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This bursar dam will regulate the flow of, Paka Dul, Dul, Hasti, Rattle, Wullhar I and II, Sawalkot and Salal, hydro-projects.

India continues to build dam after dam on river Jhelum and Neelum, which they call as Kishen-Ganga, on the Indus they are, in process of ”Kargil dam’ behind which are 11 more, on the Indus tributaries, Indians have tunnelled Kishen-Ganga, as well the Indus from Ladakh regions.

The last nail if any left, was the statement of Qureshi, which was, ”Pakistan-‘must understand actions made by India, including the construction of dams, and water projects…’

Thereby in a sweeping statement justified the Indian dam building what a shame !! Forgetting, that the article III, of the very same IWT, 1960 clearly states, and binds the government of India NOT to  hinder the flow of the western rivers, Indus, Jhelum and Chenab or build any storages over them having been already assigned full waters of Ravi, Beas and Sutlej. The Bursar dam, will be the   regulator, regulating the flow of all the downstream Chenab river dams. In all seasons. a pity our foreign minister does not know, as the writing is on the wall that India by 2014, after completing, the mega projects listed above will be in position to render, a blockage of our triple canal system dependent on the waters of Chenab & Jhelum, thereby ,converting 5.6 million acres of our fertile canal fed lands, into arid farmlands !!!