MQM is Pakistan fourth largest Political party and secured second position in second most populated province and largest political power in Karachi which is country financial hub. Karachi is being targeted with ethnic chaos since last three decades and majority of analyst believe it only happened just because of MQM which is political reality in Karachi since 1986.

Its very famous proverb, if people are being victimize they start getting united. Time is remain witness of this proverb, whoever being victimized in past and were being united with more enthusiasm & passion. Those who disunited after victimization were eliminated for forever. As an analyst, i don’t know what exactly happen next but we can forecast the outcomes of different possible options which are expected.

MQM faced operation since its inception but the operation started in 2013 is quite different as it was demand of Mutahida Qaumi Movement from Law Enforcement agencies to take part in maintaining the peace in the city. But once operation started, MQM start yelling against the operation and tried several times to politicize and to make this operation controversial but continuously failed and finally the party splitted into two factions. One who stopped blaming against the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan and other one who exposed themselves by their own and there deliberate actions against the state are unveiled.

Anyways, things are changed with fast pace and expected that after minus one (which is in reality Minus London), Plus one formula is on the table.  No one know who is making these formulas but some people believe that establishment is behind for all this and taking active part in politics of Karachi.

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The question is which outcome give benefit to the people of Karachi. As it’s cleared that Minus London has done in the politics of Karachi and they are taking last breath in the city. But this minus created vacuum in Karachi politics which can be fixed only through Plus one. And Musharraf is the only person who can take position as a leader of MQM. He ruled Pakistan as a dictator for almost a decade and people of Karachi demand a dictator who tell them the way as they don’t know 😀

“Manzil ne Rahnuma Chahiye” So, Musharraf guide this community in much better way as compare to anyone else. He is experienced, matured and famous in urdu speaking community. It will rejoin the community which definitely put prolific impact onto the society.