MQM was hold 2 seats in Azad Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly but loose it today.

After operation, MQM performance is very bad across the city. Both constituency belongs to Karachi and urban Sindh but unfortunately, MQM failed to secure the seats. Now it would be very difficult for them to say country-wide political party. It’s bitter reality now that MQM shrink to Karachi and Hyderabad and chanting slogan for the rights of Mohajir only.

MQM got just 1400 votes in whole AJK Elections.

Elections Result:

Constituency S-No. Name Parties Election Symbol Obtained Votes
LA-36 (Kashmir Valley-1) 1 Tahir Ali Wani Independent Football 379
2 Amir Abdul Ghaffar PPP Arrow 1320
3 Ahmar Ghaffar Lone Independent Halicopter 57
4 Syed Rizwan PTI Bat 170
5 Sakina Independent Sewing Machine
6 Abdul Rehman MQM Kite 175
7 Abdul Mannan Khan Independent Axe 3
8 Muhammad Naeem Khan PML-N Lion 507
9 Bilal Mashkoor Butt Independent Bell 3
Constituency S-No. Name Parties Election Symbol Obtained Votes
LA-30 (Jammu and Others-1) 1 Ijaz Ahmed Kiyani Independent Fan 8
2 Ch. Mir Haider PPP Arrow 1068
3 Zulfiqar Ali Independent Leaf 6
4 Sardar Abdul Rasheed Dar Independent Apple 9
5 Syed Asad Ali Naqvi Independent Bucket 14
6 Zafar Iqbal Independent Glasses 672
7 Muhammad Saeed Independent Cow 86
8 Muhammad Amir Jarral Independent Ring 3
9 Muhammad Mansha Khan MQM Kite 494
10 Muhammad Nadeem Independent Glass 5
11 Maqsood-uz-Zaman Khan PTI Bat 1816
12 Nasir Hussain Dar PML-N Lion 5688
13 Nadeem Ahmed Independent Coat 6