After raid at MQM senior deputy convener Dr. Farooq Sattar house, mqm rabita committee decided a peaceful protest in the province. But unfortunately they didn’t get a chance to record a peaceful protest against the atrocities of rangers. According to their official rangers forcefully opened businesses and insist transporters to carry on the live circle without any break.

With the passage of time, mqm is emerging as a rivalry of state owned institution Rangers. Which are deliberately making mqm a political victim. Aftab ahmad assassination is one of the biggest proof against their atrocities. There are so many questions arising against Rangers and operation are heading towards biased allegations.

In my personal opinion, General Raheel Sharif who are currently ruling the country should take serious notice against the racist element who continuously indulged in genocide of innocent Mohajirs which should be stop as soon as possible. Otherwise, our state owned institution will become controversial and such things are very dangerous for the country.