No matter how much you try to defame our leader but we will never ever accept the substitute of Altaf Hussain till his last breadth.

He’s voice of millions of oppressed people which he proved on 18th March 2016 at 32th MQM Foundation Day.  Whatever was circulating on media regarding his health and fitness, evinced wrong once he came up via Video Call in front of his loyal workers/supporters. We all are patriot Pakistani and respect and follow the constitution wholeheartedly.

It’s not fight between MQM supporters with Establishment. On contrary it’s fight of rights among the oppressed people who consist of 98% population of our country vs remaining 2% elite class who is currently unwilling to provide basic rights to ordinary people.

I don’t belong to Karachi but still a big fan of Quaid-e-Tehreek and his respect in my heart is increasing by passage of time.

There are so many reasons which bond me to continue to support MQM.

Firstly, MQM is the only party who belongs to middle class which they proved by giving parliamentary tickets to ordinary people and Mustafa Kamal was one of them. MQM Coordination Committee consists of those people which are not famous by their own name. They all are getting praise in public just because of QET nominated members.

Secondly, MQM always raised voice for minorities and sometimes faced huge criticism due to unconditional support to minorities. QET speech in favor of Ahmaddiya community is one of the examples of them. In which he demanded to protect the basic rights of this community and stopped the killing of innocents on the name of faith.

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Thirdly, MQM empowered women in society. Karachi is the sole city of the country where women can move freely even at midnight. This all can be possible due to the teaching of QET. Senator Khushbakht Shujaat recently addressed in United Nation is one of the examples.

Fourthly, QET always committed to their supporters especially Urdu speaking community which contributes a major stakeholder in MQM. He always raised and raising voice for the rights of common Pakistani’s even he had to face a military operation in 1992 and currently facing allegation to collect funds from Indian Spy Agency (RAW).

Lastly, MQM is liberal and democratic party who always strictly oppose any kind of terrorism.  MQM struggles to end up sectarian violence, Talibanization and upcoming threat of DEASH in the country.

MQM is heading towards across the country due to its unique political manifesto. And I am so optimistic that this party will encounter all false allegations on it.

Long Live QET…!!!