What a movie, fantastic! A proud movie for Punjabi’s. This is my first review regarding it. Story is not so good but the acting of Akshay is brilliant. You must laugh so many times while watching the movie. I think such movies alive Bollywood. Music is no doubt is heart touching specially for those who understand punjabi.

It’s an action movie with full of thrill. Movie depicts true culture of Punjab.Very beautifully expressed the relationship of mother in movie singh is billing. There is no comparison of punjabi stunts. All actors almost performed their role very well.I think every big heart person like punjabi culture specially their hospitality.

Sceneries in whole movie are also very catchy and videography is also excellent. Goa is no doubt tourism capital of India. There is nothing beautiful than the relationship of mother who gave you place in her womb for nine months.

What a dialogue. ” Larki kahi ki bhi hn sharmati bahot hai. “