Pathetic and worst movie i ever seen. No story, no action, no thrill, no suspense or it would be better to say nothing at all. I don’t know what type of people made such kind of movies. Where is censor board. There must be some code of conduct prior to allowing movies. The only catchy thing in this movie is bikini girls.

Producer try to depict that those girl who choosed modeling as a career are very successful in life. But which is totally opposite to the reality. In Calendar girls, Some hot cheeks joined show biz and start getting popularity. Once she became a celebrity. Elite Businessmen offered to marry with them and she took time to take decision regarding proposals. Fortunately there is no reality exists and script is annulled.

Every man likes to marry with such women who are not just pretty by appearance but also good in inner-self. And for majority of people modesty play a vital role while choosing a spouse. I strongly denounce the script of movie which is try to mislead the youth and distract from the path of virtue to bad evils.

I personally believe on freedom of speech but nudity, pornography and sexual appealing things are not under this umbrella. My humble suggestion to director, don’t waste time in making such type of shabby movies.