Kashmir: The Elephant In The Room 

A land known as ‘Heaven on Earth,’ Kashmir has been illegally occupied by India since 1947 and has endured an overplus of barbarous crimes against humanity at the hands of Hindutva on a massive scale (172). Since 1989 alone, when the first armed struggle was launched against the Indian occupier, 93,537 Kashmiri civilians have been ruthlessly murdered, 6,981 were murdered while illegally detained in Hindutvadi custody, 9,984 Kashmiri women have been raped by the occupying military, 22,747 women were left widowed, 107,397 Kashmiri children were orphaned and 105,900 Kashmiri structures were desecrated (173).

In 2008, the Azadi Struggle reached a point that it had not seen since the ‘Kashmiri Intifada’ of 1989. It started in May with a decision from the collaborationist government to appease India that mirrors the everyday life of Palestinians under the toxic Zionist occupation. 98 acres of Kashmiri land were ‘donated’ to ‘Hindu’ pilgrims, infuriating the Kashmiri people who charged the treasonists governing the occupied land with attempting to change the demographics of their nation, or worse, paving the way for Zionist-style Hindutvadi settlements in Kashmir (174).

Thousands took to the street in protest on August 11th, resulting in typical brutality from the Indian military, injuring over 100 unarmed civilians, and murdering 3, including the loved Kashmiri Resistance leader, Sheikh Abdul Aziz. For the first time in ten years, the Hindutvadi occupier declared curfew and then imposed that military curfew on the Valley (175). At the height of the new Intifada, between May and October, 345 innocent Kashmiris were slaughtered by Hindutva, and 3,832 were critically injured or tortured, including 1,527 in August alone (176). As if the military’s actions weren’t condemnable enough, BJP then imposed an economic blockade on the people of Kashmir, depriving them of petrol, diesel and food (177).

Hindutva’s monstrous barbarity invoked a global reaction, bringing Kashmir to the forefront of the geopolitical spectrum for the first time in recent memory, triggering demonstrations in one Kashmiri community after another across the earth including London (178), Toronto (179), Lahore (180) and Brussels (181).

Like the Zionist entity used 9/11 to cover up its appalling crimes against humanity inflicted upon the Palestinians during the Second Intifada, India used 26/11 to cover up its crimes against humanity inflicted upon the people of Kashmir during the 2008 uprising, as well as the global reaction to it. When 26/11 struck the airwaves via heavy promotion from the Zionist media, Kashmir and its Azadi Struggle were drowned out, once again becoming a forgotten occupation; as it has always been, all the way up until 2010 (182).

Conclusion: Wikileaks Seals The Cover-Up 

One can no longer read the news anymore without seeing the name of Julian Assange and/or his ‘whistleblower’ organization, Wikileaks. While Assange has attempted to portray himself as a transparency activist and Wikileaks has been touted as the next generation of dissidence, it is nothing more than an elaborate farce. Assange himself is nothing more than a Zionist shill and the only thing that Wikileaks is the next generation of, is Zionist Cass Sunstein’s cyber COINTELPRO. Assange is affiliated with Australian intelligence, the lapdog of Mossad, and Wikileaks is deeply connected to the CIA, Mossad and international Zionist war criminal, the infamous George Soros, and it has taken blood money from all three (183). The Israeli mouthpiece newspaper, Haaretz, is calling anyone who speaks the truth about Wikileaks a ‘conspiracy theorist (184),’ and the Zionist intelligence wing in America, the ADL, headed by Zionist thug Abraham Foxman, has launched a full scale assault on anyone linking Wikileaks to Israel, most prominently Senior Editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff. The ADL has smeared, slandered and character-assassinated those with the courage to speak contrary to the Zionist-owned media’s narrative about Wikileaks as ‘anti-Semitic (185),’ a typical tactic.

In the section, ‘Nonsense of The Official Story,’ this author wrote, ‘If the ADL is attacking a theory, a group or a person, it is truth that they are attacking, and if the ADL is defending a theory, a group or a person, it is falsehood that they are defending.’ With the ADL’s nauseating, vehement defense of Wikileaks, the point is reaffirmed.

Considering that Julian Assange believes that 9/11, arguably the greatest cover-up in American history (excluding Mossad’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy), is a ‘false conspiracy,’ and those who seek truth about 9/11 ‘annoy him (186),’ it should come as no surprise that Israel’s Wikileaks operation has spread vicious lies about what actually took place in Mumbai on November 26, 2008 in an attempt to reinforce the official pro-Hindutva, pro-Zionism narrative of Zion’s mainstream media. One cable suggests that ‘the evidence has mounted that the terrorists belonged to Pakistan-based Jihadi groups (187).’ Another cable says that there is ‘evidence the attacks in Mumbai were carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba (188).’ Another cable despicably suggests that there is ‘evidence that serving Pakistani officials were involved in the 26/11 attacks (189).’ And another states that, ‘it increasingly appears that a Pakistani-based terrorist group was the culprit behind the attacks (190).’ Falsehood. Distortion. Lies. Propaganda. Everything that Wikileaks is exceptionally good at distributing. The evidence spoken of is non-existent.

The excuse from the Wikileaks worshipers and the Assange fan club has been the same time and time again: the ‘cables’ are from the state department, of course they’re going to reflect official US policy. This is an abysmal, lazy defense to deflect the fact that they simply enjoy being sheep, following what the Zionist media tells them, and have no interest in attaining any information that isn’t spoon-fed to them by the establishment. Apart from the fact that the documents have been manipulated with the CIA’s PROMIS software (191), proving unequivocally that anything Wikileaks releases is collusive and contaminated, where the documents came from is ultimately irrelevant.

The documents, which are overloaded with the most vile hasbara, are being relentlessly promoted by the Zionist media day in and day out, to serve the Zionist agenda, weaken the solidarity network, the activism community and the truth movement and keep the public distracted from the colossally important issues; it is a blatant Limited Hangout operation. Anything touted by Zionism is not to be trusted. Period. Zionists don’t profit from leaks, they’re exposed by them. Zionists don’t promote leaks, they bury them. And Zionists don’t reward whisteblowers with multi-million dollar book deals, they imprison them, torture them and if need be, eliminate them.

Turn off the Zionist media and ignore the fraudulent document dumps of Wikileaks. 26/11 wasn’t carried out by Pakistani ‘Jihadi’ terrorists. And it certainly wasn’t assisted by the government of Pakistan. It was a Mossad false flag attack. It was assisted by the CIA, RAW and IB. The groundwork was laid in 1992 with the collaborative effort between Zionism and Hindutva to demolish the ancient Babri Masjid. The schematics were collected in 1993 when Mossad and the CIA terrorized Mumbai the first time, still known as Bombay then. Live training exercises between Mossad and Hindutvadi terror groups were conducted with the Mumbai train bombings and the Malegaon blasts in 2006, then Malegaon again in September 2008. 26/11 was carried out to demolish the peace efforts between India, Pakistan and Iran, eliminate ATS chief Hemant Karkare from investigating the links between Hindutva-backed terror groups, Israel and the Hindutva-dominated government, cover up their gross human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and lead India into committing to the TAPI pipeline, headed by a Mossad-owned energy company.


It was a successful operation, and the murderers who plotted the bloodshed, led by the Zionist criminal network, are still at large. This pro-Israel group of elitists which thrives on gangsterism and terrorism is planning and carrying out more false flags at this very moment, most recently in Varanasi, India in December, an attack that has already been linked to Mossad (192). Like the 9/11 truth movement, which increases in size and steadfastness every day, a movement to promote the truth about what actually occurred on 26/11 is essential to the struggle for truth, justice, freedom and peace. This essay can be the starting point; it is an analysis that can be referred to for the remainder of time to squash any Zionist or Hindutvadi line of propaganda regarding the tragic events on November 26, 2008.

The Hindutvadi lobby is growing in power and influence with the help of AIPAC, it is silencing those who speak out regarding the criminality of Hindutva and the brutality experienced daily in occupied Kashmir, especially on college campuses (193). Spinning the facts on 26/11 is at the top of its twisted agenda. This must not be tolerated as a deterrent. For the innocents of Pakistan who have paid with their lives and the lives of their families at the hands of the CIA’s drones, it must be fought. For the people of Kashmir, who live in the most militarized zone on earth, who deal with a worsening human rights crisis due to Hindutva’s occupation, it must be resisted. And for the world’s oppressed people, the truth of the Zionist criminal network’s operation on 26/11 must be exposed so Hindutva’s lies collapse like a house of cards, and its connivance with Israeli-Anglo hegemony collapses with it. General Hamid Gul, former director of the ISI, has been one of the few prominent personalities to call 26/11 exactly what it is: an ‘inside job (194).’

End Zionism. End Hindutva. End the illegal occupations. With Resistance, empower those who have been convinced by the elite that they are weak. The ignorant exist in the most dangerous prison known to man… the mind, totally brainwashed by the ‘globe holders.’ The only force, the only key, that can unlock this prison is the truth. Present your brothers and sisters with the key. Those who know, have a duty to inform those who don’t. It is their duty to confront those who are imprisoned… and set them free.

~ The End ~

Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi, Moroccan-Hebrew, Russian MC, poet, activist and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Florida. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with international Zionism and the effects that it has on the world's oppressed people. His mixtape, Take The Red Pill Volume 2: Disarm The Octopus will be available for download soon.


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