By Jonathan Azaziah

Nariman House: Mossad Headquarters

Mossad’s presence inside India and occupied Kashmir is well known. Several Zionist companies owned by former Mossad and Shin Bet agents have been operating in the Hindutva entity for years (126). Eli Katzir and his Counter-Terrorism Combat Unit of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, which is comprised of Zionist military intelligence officials and police commanders, have been mainstays in occupied Kashmir along with many other parts of India for over a decade, leading to assistance from Israel to the Hindutva entity in the form of information transfers, instruction in operation methods and of course, sale of equipment (127). Mossad and Aman have offices through front companies of both agencies across India, including Amdocs, Ness Technologies, Magic Software Enterprises, Check Point Software Technologies, RAD Data Communications, Veraz Networks and NDS Group. Mossad and RAW also joint offices with four agencies which were created in collaboration in an operation to completely fragment Pakistan (128). There are also 57 training camps in existence all over India and occupied Kashmir, set up by Mossad and RAW, where training of ‘dissident groups’ is conducted to carry out terrorism against Pakistan; it is called the Dragon Policy (129).

Out of all these safehouses, camps, offices and bases where Mossad can conduct a false flag however, in its despicable arrogance, it carried out 26/11 from the Chabad Lubatvich stronghold of the Nariman House, where the firing in Mumbai began, according to several eyewitness accounts (130). Chabad is notorious for its criminal activity, engaging in bribery, theft, fraud, extortion, counterfeiting, embezzlement, money laundering (131), global pedophilia (132), ecstasy trading, meth dealing and heroin experimentation (133). Chabad is also allied with the most racist and violent organizations in the Zionist entity, it is supported by the Russian-Jewish oligarchical gangster-class which is destabilizing Russia, it has worked with ultra-Zionist racists Alan Dershowitz and Lawrence Summers to spread Zionist propaganda on college campuses and it has set up an essential network for corporate and international espionage (134). The Nariman House of Chabad has housed Mossad and other Israeli intelligence officials since 1996, when Israel received one of many security contracts from the Hindutva regime to crush the ‘militancy,’ (i.e. the Azadi Struggle) in occupied Kashmir and to operate from India’s Air Force bases in the Kashmiri state of Jammu, for the purpose of attacking Pakistan (135).

This crucial fact explains how Rabbi Holtzberg, who was slain in the attacks, mystically predicted the 26/11 false flag and was excessively ‘afraid of pictures, afraid of photographers and afraid of unnecessary public exposure that could harm the Chabad House (136).’ He was afraid because he didn’t want Mossad’s cover blown, especially with Hemant Karkare already pinpointing Israeli fingerprints in Malegaon and fearlessly conducting his investigation in defiance of the pro-Israel Hindutvadi leadership. This fact explains how the Nariman House was the ‘hub’ or the ‘den’ of the attackers and why the attackers arrived the night before and brought ‘many bags’ into the Chabad place of business (137). This fact explains why the ‘terrorists’ were able to purchase food for 3 days undetected (138); it explains how the ‘terrorists’ disappeared without a trace (139). It explains why Indian police (excluding Karkare and his team) had the ‘terrorists’ in their sights but simply didn’t shoot at them (140). And it explains, why the Zionist media issued contradictory accounts about the ‘hostages;’ because the hostages, were actually the attackers themselves, in all of their Zionist glory (141).

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Many have stated that due to Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife being murdered, it invalidates all claims of Mumbai being a Zionist operation. ‘Zionists wouldn’t kill Jews,’ they’ve opined. But this is sheer nonsense; an easy way to weasel their way out of conducting the proper research to identify the truth. It is a matter of the historical record, in repetition, that the Zionists have a history of killing innocent Jewish people (not that Holtzberg was innocent, quite to the contrary) to further their agenda. Mossad sunk a ship, the Egoz, full of Moroccan Jewish children, murdering all aboard then subsequently blaming it on Arabs and Mossad placed bombs in temples, schools, apartments and coffeehouses in the Jewish communities of Iraq, murdering many. Both false flag campaigns were to drive a spiteful wedge between Arab Muslims and Arab Jews, to facilitate the forced trek of the Mizrahim to occupied Palestine to be slave labor for the Ashkenazi elite (142).

Zionist military intelligence also kidnaped Yemenite Jewish children and delivered them to be servants for the Khazarian elite, sold them as commodities to Zionist adoption agencies in the United States and on several occasions, murdered them and buried them in unmarked graves (143). To drive the point a home a little bit further, the Zionists routinely collaborated with the Nazi regime (144), which was heavily funded by the powerful, Zionist banking clan of the Warburgs (145), and the Zionist leadership famously ignored the calls of Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl in Europe, who sought their help to rescue Slovakian Jews, leading to Jewish deaths by starvation in the Nazi work camps (146).

The Zionists do not discriminate when it comes to mass murder; Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Arabs, Africans, Caucasians, Hebrews, Latinos, Asians and many other peoples have been all struck by Tel Aviv’s criminal network.

Show Me The Terror, I’ll Show You The Money

What would an Israeli-designed false flag attack be without Zion profiteering immensely from the spilling of innocent blood? The event just wouldn’t be complete.

ICTS, the infamous security company connected to a plethora of Zionist false flags was looking for a way to enter the Indian market, since so many other Mossad-Shin Bet-Aman affiliated companies had already done so, and it acquired its chance with the Mumbai assault (147). Just one month after the attacks, the Zionist entity and the Hindutva entity signed a memorandum called the Indo-Israel Legal Colloquium to facilitate discussions and profitable exchange programs between judges and jurists of the two brutal occupiers (148). Also in response to 26/11, India bought the RISAT 2 from the Tel Aviv regime, an advanced spy satellite that can peer through clouds (149).

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As recently as January 2010, Israeli firms continue their Hindutvadi-welcomed infiltration of India, with at least 5 companies already profiting from the illegal occupation of Palestine signing massive deals for homeland security all in the name of 26/11 (150). Zionist Daniel Benjamin, discussed in a previous section, was appointed by Zionist Hillary Clinton as Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism at the State Department, and it was Benjamin that allocated $4.5 million to India ‘anti-terrorism’ in the wake of 26/11 (151). As a side note, Benjamin has also been important to the Zionist-Hindutvadi 26/11 false narrative, spreading excessive propaganda about Al-Qaeda and occupied Kashmir (152). The largest deal however, has been the $600 million weapons deal that Zionism and Hindutva signed in January of 2009, for coastal weapons defense systems transferred from a subsidiary of Israeli Aerospace Industries to the Indian navy (153).

And of course, despite the Chabad Lubatvich headquarters of the Nariman House being in Mumbai, in India, it wouldn’t make sense for an Indian firm to rebuild it, or Mumbai to oversee its reconstruction, would it? No, of course not. The Chabad Mumbai Relief Fund was set up by Chabad Luvatvich itself, with Chabad Lubatvich officials joining the board from across the globe, including from the ultra-Zionist organizations the World Jewish Congress and the Jewish Association of Thailand (154). The vital arm of the Zionist criminal network accumulated $2 million in funds as of November 2009, with hopes of acquiring $2.5 million more (155). Disgustingly typical.

To close, Zionism and Hindutva made it abundantly clear that the ties of the occupying entities were not only unaffected by 26/11, but in fact, ‘emerged even stronger (156).’
The Peace Pipeline

One of the two motives (other than money and spilling innocent blood) behind the Mumbai assault, and the chief one, was to obliterate the prospect of peace between India and Pakistan, as well as to crush ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and India, premises that have been aggressively and firmly suggested by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (157). Relations between Iran and India have always been strained at best due to the Hindutvadi regime’s collaboration with Israel and Iran’s support of the Azadi Struggle in Kashmir, both spiritually (158) and financially (159). There was a plan in place however, that would end, or at least substantially reduce the hostilities (great and small) between the three heavyweight nations, facilitate peace in the Southeastern Asia region and assist Pakistan and India in achieving energy independence from the West: The Peace Pipeline (160).

The proposed $7 billion deal would bring natural gas from the Islamic Revolution in Iran across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan into India, and the Indian leadership made great progress with Pakistan on the cost of transporting the gas through its rival back in April of 2008. Ahmadinejad visited India at the end of April to cement the deal and had the intention of closing it in 45 days. The deal was venomously opposed by the Zionist-run Bush administration (161). Though the Peace Pipeline should have been operational by 2010 (162), the efforts of understanding and serenity between the three nations came to a screeching halt.


India withdrew from the project in 2009, only a few months after the attack in Mumbai, citing prices and high costs of transfer fees as the reason. This was a ruse however, as India and Pakistan had already made great progress in these fields; the real reason for the pullout was Hindutva being under major pressure from the ZOG in America (163). As a result, India decided to pursue its energy needs with the United States, whom the Hindutvadi regime signed a landmark nuclear deal with in 2005 and finalized in 2008, a month before 26/11 (164), sealed with World Bank funds in ‘05 from President of the internationalist institution at the time, genocidal Zionist criminal, Paul Wolfowitz (165).

The ZOG in America threatened Pakistan with sanctions if it decided to go through with the proposed deal with Iran (166), but Pakistan resisted and marched forward with the project, signing a deal with the Islamic Revolution for $7.6 billion in early 2010 (167). The repercussions of Pakistan’s defiance have been grave; they have been deadly; they are drenched with the blood of Pakistan’s citizens. The Iran-Pakistan deal was signed in principle in January 2010, and starting from January, it is 2010 that has been the worst year of CIA-operated drone strikes since they began in 2004, with at least 1,184 innocent Pakistanis being murdered and hundreds of others being injured (168).

India has decided to move forward with a rival pipeline (169), known as the TAPI pipeline (170), which is dominated by the Merhav Group, a billionaire Israeli company headed by Mossad agent Yosef A. Maiman. Merhav has complete and total control of Turkmenistan’s natural resources and the Mossad-owned corporation will be the chief profiteer of TAPI (171). The interests of the Zionist entity via TAPI were the real reason why Afghanistan was invaded and illegally occupied by the fascist American and British armies. It is the real reason why the nation has been utterly decimated and more than 1.2 million innocent Afghans have been murdered. Rivers of blood, in the name of Zionism.

Prospect of peace destroyed? Check. Iran snubbed and humiliated by Zion again? Check. Payback for Pakistan’s defiance? Check. Hindutva’s full allegiance secured? Check. Mossad’s billions still intact and flowing regularly? Check and mate. Israel’s mission accomplished.

Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi, Moroccan-Hebrew, Russian MC, poet, activist and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Florida. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with international Zionism and the effects that it has on the world's oppressed people. His mixtape, Take The Red Pill Volume 2: Disarm The Octopus will be available for download soon.

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