Moor means mother, mother means homeland. This is a story for the love of the country told in its own way. It tells the reality of people living in remote areas in Baluchistan and a portion of it was discussed in the film. The British laid the best railway system in the world here in Pakistan and how it got from good to bad to worse within 70 years by none other than our own landlords and local businessmen, who sell the government property for their own personal gains. It is a story of a father and a son both having different difficulties in life. Living through poverty both faces difficult decisions and as the film passes by, both face the consequences of their decisions. Both show the strength of character and gains moral strength as the film come to an end.

The cinematography and the screenplay were brilliant as it should be, because the trailer of the film was convincing and the film lived up to expectations. The scenery was breathtaking and showed that north of Pakistan not the only beautiful place with mountains and snow. If not for anything else the music made the film Oscar worthy for the foreign film of the year award. This year a lot of Pakistani films came out but I think this is the best of the lot. Hoping to see it gets some recognition at least on a national level.

The actors played their part and made the film from good to great. Hameed Sheikh was exceptionally well and I wasn’t expecting him to do that good. He played father to Shaz khan who also did great. Both their characters were demanding and I don’t think anyone else would have done better than them.

  Interpersonal Relations

In last I would like to add that this was not a commercial film. And if you are looking for art this is the film for you. I was not surprised to see a half empty hall on the weekend, but it deserves better than that. And an effort like this should be commendable because its not just art but also delivers a message to the audience that no matter that happens don’t sell your motherland, your soul and be honest even if it takes our life through.