The Greed Dances at The Conscience's Death

By Naveed Tajammal

The Indians follow an agenda known, as, “The statesman's policy, which works by subverting, the loyalty of the enemy's class cadres, by detaching them from the actual needs of their own state.” In the past as well the present they used, pen-pushers, to create a hype – in the first phase, in which as has been seen they have succeeded. Coupled with this they have been beaming, in their visual propaganda, the Bollywood soap operas, movies and the never ending songs, Today our movie theaters run only Indian movies, the slow poison has done wonders, bulk of our population remains mesmerized by the jumping girls of HIND.

While the enemy sings sweet songs as a lullaby, and as soothers, yet she hones her blades and strikes, whenever and wherever she can, she cannot forget her past humiliations, and defeats, as our divide with HIND, is deeper then our present religious beliefs they being just 1400 years old only. The same crafty cow worshipping enemy, led by its conniving, head shaven, pig tailed, red robed high priests, smeared with cow dung ash, have succeeded in strategically encircling us, from Maldives in our south, to Chah Bahar (Iranian naval port) vide tripartite defense agreement, between India, Iran and Afghanistan, till Dushanbe in Tajikistan, wherein it has leased out two air bases now holding jet fighters equipped with nukes, but for none other than Pakistan. Indian Phalcons (eyes in the skies) courtesy Israel hover over our northern skies, in our north east and east, from where flow in our rivers of the Indus basin, they have built dams, and reservoirs to regulate them, according to Indus Water Treaty 1960, Annexure ''E'', 18 (c), Pakistan's share on Chenab alone is 55,000 cusecs of water flow at the Marala Head works, near Sialkot, in the peak season, however the average of last year peak season was only 22,000 cusecs, which adversely did effect our crops, in January 2010 it was a low of only 6,000 cusecs,'' mainly due to, too many Indian hydro-projects installed on the Chenab main, as well as the new canal networks, made in the last 10 years, i.e. aftermath of Kargil. Since 1999, Indians are busy siphoning out our waters, while we slumber, from, The new, Kashmir canal system, The High canal system in Jammu, Ravi-Tavi link canal irrigation system, The Igo-Phey canal network in LEH, and the Kurbathang canal network in KARGIL, all waters are being diverted to the breadbasket of India, technically our lands, the old east Punjab of British Indian empire.

  No let up in drone strikes

And what do our business-men, the latest in-line TURNCOATS want? Free trade with India? how callous and mean, can they be? Indeed money does not believe in borders, wherever  ''two nickles'' can be made, the ends justify the means, so these Rich- men who have grown fat on our sweat and toil, having already skinned us since the last 63 years, want now, to act as middle-men for trade with India, perhaps what most do not know that, these very same rich-boys, whose forefathers had moved in Pakistan, from Calcutta, Madras and Bombay, to fill in the vacuum left by the outgoing Hindu Khatri and Sikh Aurora, the leading business-men of our lands in the British INDIA, had been by Profession, from the Guild of hide merchants, and  Tanners, later the very same became the leading business houses, in the short span of 20 years, by end of 1960's, ZAB did sort them out, good for him, otherwise between the dynastic rulers and these, we would have been roasted alive, by Now !!

The Indians know of their past records, after all Calcutta, madras and Bombay is their part. And no wonder the Indian Finance Minister, Parnab Mukherjee' had the nerve to say, after all they have done onto us, that, ''Economic relations between India and Pakistan, remain a must, to maintain peace and stability in south Asia'' and he knew onto whom he could count on to ensure the same-our worthy Traders, who else !!

Peace indeed !! Indians will now start dumping in our markets, to foreclose our, agrarian setup and the industry too, which our myopic merchants in their zeal, to please, fail to comprehend, as without water we will have, to depend on Indian food goods, whatever we earn will line the pockets of old Khatri and aurora, while our traders take the 4-anna's, as middle-men. Only sometime back, when such a opening had been awarded to the Indians, by fate, they dumped in the tomatoes, poor Khushab farmers got the axe, then came the mango dumping, the orchards of southern Punjab went in a nose dive, the banana growers of Sindh often get the boot too, in 2003-2005 in our construction boom days, Indian were dying to supply us bricks and steel, in 1980's and early 1990's,Indian edible oil, solvent plants dumped in soya-meal, a requirement of our poultry feed- mills.

  The Hamid Mir Imbroglio

What all they fail to understand is, that, ''There are No peace times-Peace is a Rot, which invites Aggression of your enemies, we have to safe guard our interests, Nations with No forward policies, get vanquished, in due course of time, and these very heralds of Peace, then become the first line of ''Collaborators'' with the enemy, the role of fifth columnist is Etched in our world history, humans are all the same, Traders however world over are a class apart.

We must differentiate between friend and foe, and check out the real motives of these 50 odd, Pakistani delegates, who are to participate, in new Delhi, business meet, as these traders judging from their press conferences, and press releases, want us to follow the path, of appeasement with India, exactly what our enemy wants, too.

Which literally means, a policy of appeasing, especially by making concessions to a known enemy !!!!

Naveed Tajammal is a Member, Board of Advisors, Opinion Maker. He is a historian with over 25 years of research on Indus Civilisation, Central Asia and the Middle East. He contribute regularly to