So, I guess we all have seen the vile ad by Mobilink Jazz on the Jang newspaper and the billboards across the country, but in case any didn’t see the ad, our social media made sure it did. First of all I don’t feel comfortable with this ad, when I first saw the ad the first word came to my mind was ‘pornography’. Yes, that is straight up pornography, in Pakistan, India, Europe and America using a woman’s body to sell things is pornography. All standards of it vary in different countries. My point is that kids and families can easily see this ad while on  the road and even on newspaper this ad can be seen by people who actually reads the newspaper and want to connect with the world old-fashioned way, and to top it off they printed this ad in the Urdu newspaper, what were they thinking? Both Jang and Mobilink should be apologizing now for this.


While some of the people on ‘twitter’ and ‘facebook’ saying that the country with most porn related searches are now having a problem with this ad is are hypocrites. I don’t agree that is personal thing and showing nudity publicity is a crime in our state. Although you don’t see nudity in this ad but you can clearly see the curves which clearly indicates that this wrong and we should do whatever it takes to get rid of it. This is sad because it is very tempting to look at these posters and ads. This directly doesn’t affect you but subliminally this adds in the back of your brain and for children it his highly dangerous to get sexually excited at a young age. It also can be dangerous for the rest for the society as well, In India, the rape cases are increased after they have accepted the objectifying the women in their film industry. This is not the first time any company had done this and certainly not the last time, but we can fight it for the future of our children. It causes a small stone to create a snowballing effect, it is your job that in what cause you are using this stone.

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And the reason I didn’t attach that photo here is that I don’t want anyone to see and make me responsible for it.