It’s a hot debate and topic is very sensitive when it comes to the sovereignty of the country but I have so many questions in mind. Nay, because I am a traitor as far as my patriotism is a concern I am the more patriot than others, due to this reason I am raising these questions.

When you feel sick, we used to go to Doctor and doctor uncle don’t write the prescription first. He asked few questions alike from how long you’re suffering from this ailment and much more. Then mostly doctors tell you first the precautions and then write a prescription for you. Through this way, doctors treated the patient but in the worst scenario when the patient is screaming with pain and in a critical situation. They transfer the patient into a ward where he/she gets a full examination and care. Doctors treat the patients as per the situation.

In Karachi, Rangers took over the city in early 90’s and since they are in the city without any gap. And Rangers were deployed just because to encounter the terrorism, ransom, target killings and the other evils which were ongoing into the city. Till now, it’s going to be a quarter century and situation of Karachi is going worse and worse with the passage of time which raises many questions on the performance of Ranger’s cops. Altaf Hussain was not a traitor. He was the very patriotic person for ages but what circumstances changes his loyalty and now he is asking help from India, Israel and USA.

This is the problem which we have to analyses otherwise, our country will suffer and bleed more. I am not raising questions against the law enforcement agencies. My question is the past performance of LEA’s which was not too good when you analyzed the fact. If they performed with full swing in past; today our country is not suffering from those diseases which were rooted on our own grounds now.

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In Pakistan, if you count the mistake of the military which ruled the country for more than 30 years, declared agitator. This attitude made half nation a slave of military and remaining an agitator. Time is demanding from us to change this approach. And debate the things in a limit and accept the prior mistakes if done. By accepting mistakes, a person becomes more powerful because he realised and corrected himself/herself.

Till 1992, Altaf Hussain psyci was based on patriotism but once the operation occurred and his political party victimised brutally and many his comrades lost their lives changed his mind and from that day he started to work against Pakistan and after twenty-five years of his continuous struggle. Now he exposed but till now he destroyed so many people minds those who were oppressed and victimized by the society.

Apart from current scenario, we utterly forget the root causes of chaos in Karachi and adapting the same strategy which we already experimented with so many times.

Recent events achieved the goal of Altaf Hussain which is to make Karachi inhabitants an opponent of the state which is also against the ground realities as Mohajir just contains 40% (10 Million) of total Population of the city (25 Million). And only 2.5 Million voted to MQM which is half of total voters registered with this ethnicity. And one more fact, I would like to share with you that MQM workers and office barriers constitute 20 thousands of people.

As per my analysis and opinion prior to this ongoing operation, only 1% of MQM workers own the anti-state sentiments but after the speech of Altaf Hussain, this numbers reached 10% and if you talk about MQM voters this number may reach 1%. Till now, tiniest minority preserving such kind of thoughts which should be the alarming situation for the state.

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The question is what would be the remedy for all this turmoil?

  • ln my opinion, the state should announce a special economic package for the residents of Karachi.
  • Every provincial government announces one development project in Karachi to end this
  • The announcement of special package for those workers who are currently in jail.
  • Rehabilitation centres should be developed in every town of the city.
  • Issuance of urgent release order for those which are behind the bars just because of political affiliation.
  • If ego doesn’t stop the ruler’s , they should apologise the Urdu-speaking people about the past mishaps.
  • The announcement of 10,000 jobs for Karachite across the country. This will end destitution.

By adapting above tactics you can stop people from being used by Altaf Hussain otherwise, you will see bloodshed of Pakistanis in their own land. And who will suffer?

Definitely our own beloved country “Pakistan”.

I am very optimistic if the only apology is announced from the rulers. It will change the scenario of the city because people of Karachi are very thirsty at that time.

So we think on this issue very seriously and tackle the things wisely. And make sure that people do not suffer or victimise from any act of the state because victimisation creates an imbalance in the society which always ends with violence.

Minus One formula will only be implemented after creating a positive environment in the city.