We asked question to our viewers regarding investment. If you own 1 Million Rupees, Where you will invest? 80 person shared their views.


Category No of votes Percentage
Real Estate 29 36.25
Stock Exchange 21 26.25
Forex 5 6.25
Commodities 6 7.5
NIT 11 13.75
Banks 4 5
Mutual Funds 4 5

Results depicts that Real Estate is the most lucrative investment opportunity for Pakistani’s. Secondly they prefer stock exchange for investment. It seems some biaseness in our result because mostly people who visit our blog site are involved in stock trading. and third preference would be NIT Certificates, if  you own 1 Million rupees in Pakistan.

It’s no doubt, Stock trading and Mutual funds industry is emerging as an attractive investment opportunity. Meanwhile, Forex trading is illegal in Pakistan. So it would be better to away from Forex which is also prohibited in our religion.