Method in the Gaza madness 

gaza_childrenS. M. Hali 

The killing fields of Gaza have taken a mighty toll because the international community was lethargic in intervening. The Zionists have so mesmerized and paralyzed world opinion that nary a nation, including the Muslim Ummah is willing to come forward and demand a halt to this one-sided bloodshed. The seven years’ long siege by Israel has already made life hell for the Palestinians trapped in the mass concentration camp called Gaza.

Israeli operations “Cast Lead” of 2008-9 and the 2012 “Pillars of Defence” and the 2014 attack termed “Protective Edge”, have indicated that they were meticulously planned months in advance and were primed for genocide and ethnic cleansing of the hapless Palestinians. The massive attacks in the current operation are aimed at collective punishment of a helpless mass of humanity comprising impoverished and incarcerated people, whose only crime is that they demand an end to the tyranny of Israel but unbeknown to the Gazans, nature has endowed them with a rich resource.

It is deplorable that the Jewish nation, which condemns the Holocaust, the genocide of approximately six million Jews; massacred by the German military, under the command of Adolf Hitler, now stoops so low as to attempt to annihilate the Palestinians. It is ironic that when the British troops cracked down on the Jewish Agency in Palestine in 1946 to weed out the Irgun and Haganah, the Palestinians had provided refuge to the Jews. The Zionists repaid the Palestinian hospitality by causing the Nakba, the 1948 Palestinian exodus, in which, approximately 726,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes.

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For the last sixty six years, Palestinians have suffered immense repression at the hands of Israel but apart from the 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israel Wars, which ended bitterly for the Arabs, the international community including the powerful Arab nations has remained oblivious to the plight of the Palestinians. World bodies including the UN and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) continue to tolerate the Israeli blockade and siege of Gaza with indifference. An emboldened Israel persists in committing piracy in international waters to prevent unarmed merchant ships reaching Gaza despite the fact the NATO naval fleets are operating in the Eastern Mediterranean. Even today, the plea taken by Israel for pounding the helpless Gazans is the so called barrage of Qassam rockets, which cause little or no harm because of their limited firepower and the Iron Dome protective shield of air defence, developed through US financial support.

The method in Israel’s madness of laying the siege and persisting with the attacks on Gaza is probably the discovery in 2000 by BG (British Gas) that Gaza sat on an estimated $4 billion worth of natural gas, which shocked the Israelis since they had relegated the Palestinians to the purported wasteland of Gaza. Energy starved Israel is dying to gain control of Gazan gas.

The US has supported Israel in its madness. Since Israel’s establishment in 1948, the US has vetoed more than 40 UN resolutions that sought to curb Israel’s lust for occupation and violence against the Palestinians. It has ignored the few successful resolutions aimed at safeguarding Palestinian rights, such as Security Council Resolution 465, passed in 1980.

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The current carnage has been staged under a false flag operation of the alleged murder of three Israeli youth by Hamas. Facts have emerged invalidating this claim and gives credence to Israel’s impatience in getting control of the gas reserves, thus the urgency in annihilating Hamas and crushing the Palestinians.  Former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon had confirmed in 2007 that it would be improbable to gain access to the energy sources via Hamas; which would either sabotage the project or demand exorbitant royalties. The solution lay in a military operation to uproot Hamas. Coincidentally, the siege of Gaza commenced in 2007 but not having achieved the desired results, Israeli patience has run out and thus the massive onslaught to resolve its mounting energy crisis, high rate of inflation and rising unemployment.

As a Human Rights Council launched a probe into the Gaza offensive, investigating Israel’s war crimes, the US voted against it while Europe, Japan and South Korea abstained from casting their vote. Temporary truce efforts have been short lived. The killing fields of Gaza will continue to slaughter innocent civilians because Israeli obduracy is supported nay rewarded. US President Barack Obama announced an extra $430 million in aid to one of the most brutal regimes in the world, the political dispensation in Tel Aviv. This is on top of the $3 billion that Israel receives every year for the past decades from the US government. Unless the true rationale behind the Israeli madness is exposed, Palestinians will continue getting slaughtered till they are evicted from Gaza too or sign off their energy sources rights to Israel.

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