My name is Yousuf a drama telecast-ed on Aplus ( A private TV Channel of Pakistan ) consists of twenty episodes. I never ever seen such a pathetic drama. No thrill, no romance and even no suspense. Just full waste of time.This is my opinion regarding this drama.


Main characters are Yousuf & Zulekha who owe each other more than their own lives. The story begins when Yousuf saw Zulekha first time at train station. It’s complete co-incident when Zulekha was going with her family in a special bogie booked for weeding. Meanwhile, Yousuf entered in it by mistake. He stood in front of place where zulekha was sitting.

Mr.Sheikh whose was father of Zulekha, a very conservative religious person, who started questioning with Mr. Yousuf. How you entered in this bogie whilst it’s booked for a bride. Mr. Yousuf told him many times that it only happened by just a mistake. But he never trust on his words and told him to step down from this bogie in upcoming station. Mr. Yousuf unable to convinced him and agreed on his warning.

When train stopped at it’s last destination, Yousuf got a chance to talk with Zulekha at a book stall. Where zulekha refused him to tell her name. But this conversation, fall in love with zulekha by yousuf. Then He started to find out Zulekha place to carry on his love story. He took assistance of his best friend in this regard. Who full supported him in this noble cause roflol. He found the zulekha palace named as Sheikh (Father of Zulekha) palace.

  Self Respect & Dignity


An other part of story, the relationship among the parents of Zulekha was always remain crucial. They mostly oppose each other and criticize on daily routine matters. When Yousuf sent his friends sister to talk with Zulekha about Yousuf Love. Story took different angle. Now Zulekha started taking interest in Yousuf who is blindly love here. But when Mr. Sheikh knew this thing he amazed and behave very rudely with Zulekha. He decided to punish yousuf on his acts. He sent Yousuf to jail on a fake allegations of ransom. Where Yousuf faced ruthless behavior of Police. He suffered from third degree torture but never fell down about his love Zulekha.

A twist came when Mr. Wajih (Father of Yousuf) went at Zulekha place for a talk about marriage. He saw Afiya (Mother of Zulekha and ex love of Mr. Wajih), totally amazed. He didn’t talk about Yousuf marriage and came back to home. Meanwhile Yousuf got a bail and came  back from jail. Then he tried a lot to do marry with Zulekha. But Mr. Sheikh took her marriage with her sister’s son (Imran Moeez) forcefully. Then Yousuf lose hope and decided to marry with that girl. Who also love Yousuf from a long time and expressed many times. Her name is Madiha (Yousuf Best Friend Sister).

On that marriage, Madiha put yousuf hands on Zulekha Who’s also on this marriage. And the Drama ends 😀 😀 😀