Men and women from 25 countries across the globe are almost equal–when it comes to moving into a new home. New data released from Lamudi highlights the habits of both men and women when moving house.


The global real estate marketplace has revealed the results of a worldwide survey of men and women, who answered the simple question, “What was the first thing you did when you moved into your new home?”


The majority of respondents, approximately 58 percent, were from Europe and the Americas, while 17 percent came from Africa and Middle East, and the remaining 25 percent were from Asia. Indonesia had the highest number of replies of any individual nation, comprising 15 percent of total responses.


According to the survey, the most popular activity when arriving in a new property is cleaning. Results showed that 73 percent of female respondents and 53 percent of males first organized and cleaned their new home, before getting settled in. While these results are not exactly proof of gender equality, the survey reveals cleaning is top of mind for both sexes when relocating to a new home.


Gender aside, 61 percent of respondents reported that the first thing they do in their new home is organize and clean. The remaining 39 percent had different priorities on arrival.  


Approximately 17 percent said that they celebrate their new home with food or drink–57 percent of this group did so with champagne or beer. Interestingly, 100 percent of German respondents celebrated the successful relocation by consuming alcohol.


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Further results revealed that 10 percent first bought new furniture, while seven percent rested. One male respondent from Ireland reportedly “jumped on the sofa and relaxed,” when arriving in his new property because “moving is tiring.”


While asking for a cup of sugar from your new neighbors used to be commonplace when moving into a new property, only five percent of house-movers first introduced themselves to nearby residents on arrival. Perhaps more surprisingly, all of these respondents were male.

One particular result highlighted a new, modern trend for movers. Approximately two percent of respondents said that the first thing they did upon moving into their new home was to take a selfie. Of this two percent, nearly all of the respondents were men.