Abu Azrael is leading militant of Imam Ali (RA) Brigade in Iraq. He got media attention when he started uploading videos on social media. He declared angel of death for Daesh terrorist but how much lie behind it. Let me unveil in front of you.

Abu Azrael fought with US armies in early 2000. At that time, he was a unpopular member of Al-Mehdi Militia which was banned militant organization. He is 37 years old man who used to do Body-Building on daily basis and he is famous about beheading of Daesh terrorist.

In Trump of Tikrit, he assassinated many militants. You can easily judge his mentality when he already have machine gun then why he slaughtered sunnis via daggers. Is it his style or depict his inner monster.He vowed with himself to eliminate the Takfiris from his country. On this self-promise he is killing takfiris.

Meanwhile, Iranian militant groups have planned to reoccupied Mosul in upcoming days.

Furthermore, i would like to tell you, that DAESH occupies area’s are all sunni dominant regions. Ahle-Sunna of Iraq facing an extreme genocide from both DAESH and iranian militants.  May ALLAH (SWT) protect our brothers.