Needs to unveil Hassan bin Sabah’s model that penetrated the strongest of brains

By Awais Bilal

In the last decade mass media has been cleverly used as a weapon to portray ‘catastrophe’ in Iraq and Afghanistan as ‘progress’ and sluttish acts as ‘sexy acts’, just as it has been used to hide the reality of intellectual murderers. Media has adopted a simple policy of ‘one size fits all’ by labelling ‘intellectual murderers’ as terrorists.  In plain language terrorists are defined as ‘individuals’ who use violence, terror, and intimidation to achieve results. Whereas aims of intellectual murderers are not just to terrorise by violence or killings, their objective are a lot bigger and are harder for common people to understand.

The notion of intellectual murderers seems to be new but in fact it has its roots in the 10th century Persia. The brutal act of murder was transformed to an art form by Hassan bin Sabah, he shifted mindless murderers to intellectuals. These intellectual murderers were also known as assassins. The English word ‘assassin’ was invented by Hassan bin Sabah as his followers use to be under the influence of ‘hasish’ while committing murders. Even today “assassination cults" are used by FBI, CIA, MI 5 and many other agencies. These agencies have incorporated many of the Hashishins' techniques into their methodologies. Hassan Sabah has been acknowledged in CIA training manual titled "A Study of Assassination".

Hassan bin Sabah was a businessman, scholar, heresiarch, mystic, murderer, ascetic, and political revolutionary. He was born in Persia around 1034. He was highly educated and was school mate of Nizamul Mulk (the future vizier to the sultan of Persia) and Omar Khayyam (the great poet/astronomer/mathematician). Hassan build the legendary "Garden of Earthly Delights", which played a remarkable role in spreading his Ismaili faith and in the initiatic rites of the Hashishins (Assassins). Powerful people of different tribes use to be drugged to stimulate their death only to awake later in Hassan’s garden. They were made to believe that it was heaven and that Hassan was a representative of God, who should be followed by them till death.  When they use to wake up from their slumber they use to be greeted by beautiful teenage girls who use to sing and dance for them. The girls use to give them full body tong massage. Initiates use to be brain washed in such a way that they use to believe in whatever they were being told and all this was so powerful that Hassan could demand absolute loyalty from his followers without any questions being asked. Hassan bin Sabah was in the days of crusades, so his brainwashing technique successfully turned a lot of crusaders into assassins. Saladin tried to stop him by capturing some of his men, but soon left them after finding a dragger under his pillow with a note stating that if this can reach you, it can kill you too. Hassan bin Sabah’s brain washing techniques were so powerful that they even polluted Saladin’s personal guards.

  A man's beauty lies in his head, not on it

Ruins of Al Maut, Iran

The story of Hassan bin Sabah is a tale of sex, drugs, myth, and murder. A secluded mountain fortress, a paradise, poison dipped daggers, and covert political manoeuvrings are the ingredients of this alchemical mixture, which is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing true stories ever told. But this story is not just another exciting, fascinating and captivating story. It has all the ingredients needed to build a ‘perfect model for brain washing’ which could be implemented in any day and age.

Most recently this model has been adopted, illiterate and poor Muslims have been brainwashed in such a fantastic way that they do not fear to lose their life. Hassan bin Sabah’s model of brain washing is the perfect model of producing suicide bombers in the name of Islam. They are heavily trained in different skills like usage of modern weaponry, bomb making, speaking several languages and are also trained to behave and act as true Muslims.

The process of brainwashing is still in practice. Media could have helped in educating those who may get brainwashed, but, alas, they don’t seem to be serious in stopping the brain washing factory. It’s not possible for this model to operate without massive funding. Capturing suicide bombers and Islamic terrorists is a temporary solution of the problem.  All parties who wish to bring an end to this extremist ideology need to find the source which has implemented Hassan Bin Sabah’s model and is continuously funding it.

Awais Bilal was born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan. He currently lives in the UK. He is a writer and a Marketing consultant. His articles have been published in several Pakistani news papers. His major area of research is ‘impacts of media on society’. He holds an MSc Advertising and Media degree from University of Hull, UK.