Nadia Yasir Show at ARY. Mathira is behaving same like Veena Malik & Moona Liza.

Extreme Vulgarity in this show,  “Move down to up” & Mathira said, Please start from “up then move down”.

Nadia Yasir said to Mathira ,Are you feeling hot, because you wear hot suits and Mathira replied: No, I am feeling very hot internally.

Mathira said and suggests to all women who are sitting into the show , Wear Bikni Dresses, then go the public place and you will feel that  too many people will help you if you ask for it .WTF!

Mathira, I suggests u , don’t over drink, try to keep in senses. You don’t know what you are saying and don’t try to distract our society.

Go back to your homeland , ” Heera Mindi ” and i think our govt should also ban her  for on air programs. because she is unable to control herself.

mathira josh ad