On Tuesday 21 January 2014, A blast killed 28 innocent people in Quetta.It was suicide attack. The whole city closed on Wednesday as strike called by Majlis-e-wahadat-ul-muslimeen , Hazara Democratic party and Balouchistan Conference.

mastung blast

Every one knew who is behind all this but still Government is not taking any action against them. As PML N giants are afraid that’s why they are unable to take any big decision in all this situation.We are moving towards a great sectarian violence in our country and we become a part of big game and acting as puppet who is playing in the hands of America.

One sided Iran is supporting minority sects while Saudi Arab is funding to banned organizations in Pakistan. But we are still silent because in both sides we are getting money. We are killing ourselves for short gain and if we din’t stand today our next generation will suffer badly.