Today I am going to share my experience with audience about Nikahnama attestation from Saudi Embassy which sometimes create confusion among people about the requirement of Saudi Embassy regarding attestation of these documents. These attestations are prerequisite for moving your spouse and family to KSA . As per the law of Saudi Arab, your Marriage certificates should be attested from the embassy of Saudi Arab in Pakistan. These attested documents provide legal proof of your pious relationship.

Prior to take flight for KSA, you must have three documents which should be stamped from Saudi Embassy. One thing be noted here, Saudi culture doesn’t entertain the attestation of Marriage certificate.

As most of the people are utterly unaware about the MRC (Marriage Registration Certificate) which is issued by NADRA and a mandatory document for attestation.

Yes I know you are thinking you have only one Nikahnama so how its three papers for attestation. Here I am mentioning two steps please read it very carefully.

First of all you need to go at your union council and receive MRC from them. For your Assistance (Sample is enclosed)

Saudi Embassy Marriage Registration Certificate Attestation

Secondly you need to go any translation center and translate your Nikahnama in English/Arabic  Language at one page. For your assistance (Sample is enclosed).

Nikahanma Attestation Saudi Embassy Nikahnama Attestation Saudi Embassy Pakistan

So, Three documents are mandatory for attestation:

  1. Nikahnama
  2. MRC
  3. Translated paper from you Nikahnama in English and Arabic.

Be noted that these documents first attested from F/O (Foreign office of Pakistan), then the process be initiated from saudi Embassy.