By M. A. Mughal

This is my firm belief that every child in this world is born with at least one God gifted talent. Pursuance of innate and blessed talent takes a man to top position; he or she sprouts out among the rest and enjoys the par excellence. The parents are to remain mindful and vigilant to identify that talent their child possesses, which is testified and ratified through various manifestations. Nature and Nurture, hand in hand, turn into tremendous blessing which not only benefits society but also affords satisfaction to the child. But beyond doubt, this is very much subjected to grooming, training and exposure.

We as parents need to re-orientate ourselves with the temperament and talent of the child. We do not have to impose our will and wish on our children regarding choice and undertaking of a profession. We need to respect the interest and talent of our children. We need to shun the idea of weighing the future of the child in the light of wealth and prosperity. It is irksome that during the schooling of children, parents start to impose profession on children depending upon the market value of the profession, and they fall a prey to Bandwagon Approach.

According to the survey carried out in 1970s, every parent wanted to see their child becoming a doctor or a civil engineer. At that time parents considered these fields to be more respectful and money making. 1980s saw the youngsters engaging themselves in B.Com /M Com and in pursuing banking professions, and the hype ended shortly. The 1990s started with the boom in business administration and information technology, which paid dividends for almost a decade. The turn of 21st century saw the rise of media and entertainment. It is termed as the age of Information Technology (IT); and a lot many professionals are making good money in these fields. At this point in time, we find bandwagon approach fading away and dying fast.

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The promotion of the idea, the grooming of the talent, and exposure of the child is only possible, if we listen to our heart and mind; and realize the real potential of our children, the future youth and make them join professions of their own choice. Let us imagine for a while, what would had happened if Salman, the famous guitarist of Junoon musical Band, had continued with the profession of medicine. The answer is simple; we would have lost a very talented, internationally acclaimed professional guitarist. What if Junaid Jamshed would have continued with his Engineering Profession? Answer is obvious; the nation would have missed the ever green national song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. What if Jahangir Khan had pursued a carrier in teaching, Pakistan would have not produced a squash legend. We must pay tribute to these legends in general and their parents in particular, who identified their talent and motivated them to pursue the carriers of their own choice. These legendary figures brought laurels not only to themselves but also to the nation.

We as parents must understand that if a child pursues his God gifted talent and enters the profession of his own choice, then there are brighter chances that he or she would do very well; and his stunning performance would fetch him handsome income.

If a child at any stage of his or her carrier wants to be a musician, be it. If he or she wants to be sportsman, let him excel in his dreams, and if he or she wants to be an actor, support and facilitate him or her to achieve the best. This particular mind set and parental attitude will not only bring good omen to the society, in terms of releasing pressure on some of the top professions of the present time but also provide happiness to both; and the bandwagon approach would be buried once for all from our society. Consequently, we will have motivated professionals in different spheres of nation building. This is only possible if we as parents listen to our hearts and adopt tailored attitude that commensurate with the God gifted talent of our child.

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