The excitement and expectations from the new government are enormous. If the new government can show some resolve, commitment and discernable progress during its “First 100” days people will be satisfied and will go on to do their own job.

It is not easy for them to do what is expected out of them. A number of revolutionary, tough and unpleasant decisions and steps will have to be taken to gain the confidence of people. Which may go against the traditional beneficial policies and nascent expectations of the elected representatives and the die hard supporters. Which obviously are neither missionary nor righteous. The new regime will have to take and give bitter pill if so much publicized claims have to be realized.

The list of such unlikeable actions is very long and common citizen like me can bring forth by using different instruments of media. As a beginner, I want to bring forth two of such practices which are unlawful and abhorring.

The first is unwritten and taken for granted rights of an Member of Parliament (MP) to start meddling  and manoeuvring the affairs of administration. The incident of dictating promotions, postings and interfering in the routine affairs of different department e.g. District Administration, Police, Revenue, education, health etc. An MP has no right or business to dictate running of these departments. They can only do it at the expenses of weak and inefficient officials. There is a clear and unambiguous arm twisting and coercion behind such dictation.  Gross mismanagement and utter lack of governance emerges from such accesses. Let the responsible officials run the routine affairs with honesty and fairness. In case of violations; systems and procedures should be evolved within departments at all levels to meet the grievances of government servants and the effected citizen.  MP with due reverence and respect must deal with the legislation. If they try and do their primary job there should be no time left for such interferences. It will be a great service to the People of Pakistan if new Government issues a directive indicating Dos and Don’ts for all MPs.

  If Obama Could Keep America First!

The second evil which wreaks of self projection and wastage of government funds is the display of Sign Boards expressing thanks and gratitude to the MP and Ministers for allocating funds approval of different projects. The display is without exceptions so worded and framed as if the funds have been given by the man from his own pocket and it is great personal favour to the people and area.

I beseech directly concerned people in the new government and other institutions responsible to bring fair play and sanity to our society through strict obedience of law and our traditional unwritten moral code and values. The two practices mentioned here are fully in vogue in our society and taken as a right. These should be abandoned as soon as possible being immoral, corrupt and decadent.

By An Zaidi