Liaqat Ali Khan; A Martyr

Liaquat-Ali-KhanBy Raja G Mujtaba

Liaqat Ali Khan waved his fist at India in a situation that was similar to that of today. India is letting no opportunity off its hand where it does not attack Pakistan both on the borders and on the diplomatic front but Mian Nawaz Sharif is completely oblivious as if India is not fighting Pakistan but some other country. Is there anyone who could show that fist once again and silence the guns of India?

Today its like 62 years that we lost Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan to the assisin’s bullet then in Company Bagh Rawalpindi now named as Liaqat Bagh after Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan.

To pay a tribute to this great man,a visionary, S M Hali conducted a talk on PTV World which is embedded below for the interest of the readers.

Normally talking of Liaqat Ali Khan, people shroud him in lots of controversies but if you really study him in a deeper than skin way, things turn out to be different.

As finance minster of undivided coalition government, his budget was hailed not only by Muslims but even by the non-Muslims to be a real poor man’s budget.  then subsequently he presented three budgets in Pakistan those were again acclaimed to be common man’s budget. Today, the finance ministers have completely forgotten the common man but entire budget is focused for a certain class and through indirect taxes, common man is burdened to the extent that he is dying under its weight.

Liaqat Ali Khan, who owned more than 300 villages just in Karnal, India besides other places. He sacrificed all his wealth and moved over to Pakistan where he did not own even a house for his shelter. At the time of his death, he had just Rs 1200/ in his account.  His sons never surfaced in any political or government activity; they refused offers that were made to them. If we compare it with today’s scenario, every politician has multiplied not only his wealth but has ensured complete hold for his kin to be effectively in control no matter what level be it. All participate in elections neither for the country nor for the people but they use this power as force multiplier to multiply their wealth by all means.

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Today, can Sharifs, Zardaris, Bhuttos, Chaudhries and all can match Liaqat Ali Khan in any way? They all have acted completely otherwise and now they don’t even pay lip service to the Founding Fathers of Pakistan.

Today there is a lot of talk about the change, change what? If people do want a change, then they must force all to accept the standards and norms of the founding fathers in managing the affairs of the state. Anything other than this would be a complete deceit that would further weaken the both the state and the people.

A great deal lies on the historians to remove all controversies and ambiguities that surround the personality of Nawabzada Laqat Ali Khan.

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