The person who called himself gay or lesbian or bisexual has no relationship with religion of Peace Islam. As Western countries are trying to eliminate Muslims from day one but failed in their every try to achieve their devil goals.

LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender. While transgender are those who are not male and female too. We called them hijra in our local words, are acceptable because they born by birth not by choice  but Lesbian gay and bisexual people become by their own choice. They never be acceptable in our society and will be too Insha ALLAH. Foreign NGO’s funding in Pakistan to promote and give legal protection to Lesbians , gays and bisexual.  We should revoke and hanged them all to clean our society and save our children’s from this heinous sin.

Homosexuality is one of the major sin in Islam. Story of Hazarat Loot (A.S) gave clear message to all Muslims that it’s unacceptable (Major sin) in the religion of Peace.  Still some people argue and trying to convince others that it’s medical ailment which is totally baseless argument.

An American Pakistani Faisal Alam made an NGO named as Al-Fatiha Foundation and spreading voice for the rights of LGBT in Muslim Community.

My humble request to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of LGBT Community activities in Pakistan and hanged these social culprits.