html tags based language

If you come directly to this page , i recommended you to go through from this previous article , it’ll help you in better understanding of HTML ( hypertext markup language) 4.01.

Lecture 1

Now start HTML with a professional way.

First question is what is html and why we need to learn it?

HTML is an abbreviation of  Hyper text markup language but it’s not a programming language.

HTML is tag base language and very easy to understand.

Prerequisite for HTML

  • Browser ( Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple safari )
  • Editor ( notePad, wordpad, notepad ++)

Suggest you to download notepad ++ Download note Pad ++ Editor

how we write tags?

Always start tags with less than sign < then tag name and in last >

Most of the tags necessary to close.


how to close a tag?

/ by writing backslash before the tag name

e.g <html> is our tag and we close it through this tag </html>

Let’s starts to make your first html page

open your editor(note pad ++)

and write your first tag


then close it </html>

then save it

but while saving the page , must remember two things

file type should be “ALL files”

and you must give .html extension in file name.