html tags based language

HTML Stands for Hypertext markup language used in designing of website. Without HTML, your website is like a body without bones. So, for designing a site it’s necessary to learn html.

Prerequisite For HTML

  • Human Being 🙂 
  • That Human Being should be sound minded 😀
  • That sound mind person should know how about internet and know to operate the computer system.
  • understand these two terminologies browser and editor , i also describe it below in this article

Misperception about HTML

  • That HTML only for programmer which is totally wrong,it’s tag based language where no programming is involve.
  • If you have IT background , then you can understand the tags of HTML , which is also wrong. I am student of Finance and i learned all HTML tags by heart 😉

Browser enables you to see the content of your world wide web www

Famous Browsers are Internet Explorer ( which is built in in windows or you can say by default it’s installed on your system), Mozilla firefox, Opera , Apple Safari and the most famous one that’s Google Chrome. Recommended you to use chrome or Firefox.

Download browsers from below links



Firefox Setup

Editor enables you to write,edit,delete or alter the code.

Famous editors are Notepad, Microsoft word ,word pad and many more… I recommend you to use Notepad ++