Weak PC market is seeing its condition deteriorated once booming computer manufacturers are folding, see the inevitable fate quickly became a reality.

HP, only one of them has seen such times, as well as quite a long time, and now has seen his ranking slipped to be surpassed Lenovo is the world’s largest manufacturer.

The overall PC market fell by 14% compared to last year, only 756,000 units shipped. This happened despite the fact that the new Windows8 operating system market is flooded.

Times certainly will not change soon for the PC manufacturers Tablet PC, and portable gadget market, customers flocked to the original ruling in the industry to maintain a good clear.

Still, some markets such as India showed some positive signs, so this time it may be developing markets, which will lead the way forward.

New statistics by Gartner tells us that Chinese companies in the last quarter PC shipments to 12.6 million, the market share reached 16.7%, compared with HP’s 123,000 (16.4 percent). Dell and Acer filled with the next shipping 9.2 points and 6.2 million personal computers, followed by Asus, shipments of 4.59 million units.

world largest pc maker lenovo