Mr. Obama despite in possession of all buttons of powers and prerogatives at his command and control could not break the spell of nuisance to bring about any considerable and viable Change for his people and for the people of outer world at large.

By Tanvir A Siddiqui

Change is on loot sale like a hot cake at stand of every political arena. Change as a buzz word is the most sellable and at the same times most beaten up slogan of this century. The claim to bring Change has been always blown too much out of proportion. Wish this mere slogan of Change could work in hands of those aspiring rulers and politicians like a magic hat to pull out the white rabbit. Wish it could be like that magic band of mermaid  or that  lamp of Aladin that could turn  every dream into reality  and could full fill every desire, every hope and every expectation of every spectator. Wish change could be some kind of centrifuging catalyst to turn A into Zee. Wish change could be a  sweet aromatic  tea bag submersible in the hot water cup.  Wish Change could be a kind of off the shelf Paint Box to draw out  various shades of colors suitable to various  needs and expectations. But unfortunately reality of change by itself is nothing more nothing less then a face dial of time clock on the wall. Mr. Barak Hussain Obama the one who politically capitalized most effectively on this slogan of change  but  failed most miserably to deliver and  connect that promise of Change with those sky rocketed hopes and dreams and desires of his fellow Americans. Mr. Obama despite in possession of all buttons of powers and prerogatives at his command and control could not break the spell of nuisance to bring about any considerable and viable Change for his people and for the people of outer world at large. Thereafter taking the oath as the President of United States  in the name of Change, for a reason or the other Mr. Obama   preferred to fit himself into the same Strait Jacket of nuisance that was stitched and handed over to him by his predecessor.   Now here in our country nearing towards new general elections the so known and so talked about Mr. Imran Khan of  Pakistan has picked up the same beaten up trumpet to blow a fierce wind of Change within and around our country.  As a Romantic Greek god of concert rallies Mr. Khan the crick champ in actual  is being projected and portrayed like no less than Hercules reborn.

  Blasphemy law in Pakistan

Mr. Khan the Hercules is expected to  not only clean sweep the ballots but will also clean sweep in one go all those heaps and mounts of filth and shit out of our 60 yrs old stinking Augean Stables. Therefore in this world full of changing events and circumstances, I wish them good luck specially to all those enthusiasts who are loading their  hopes, desires, dreams and  expectations in fuel tank of  the space rocket of Mr. Khan.  Here on ground of realities let us hold our breaths and keep our fingers crossed and wait till the evening of that day of next general elections to see whether Mr. Khan turns around as  a real mines sweeper or a mere Trojan Horse. Thereafter if  he really succeeds in sweeping the ballots let us all look forward to cleansing and sweeping skills of  Mr. Khan who is promising to pull out the rabbit of change out of his hat  through his team  of local and imported professional magicians,. Over the last so many decades we as a nation are already quite extensively experienced with mark able and re-mark able performance results of especially imported so called Pakistani professionals not even having Pakistani Passports. The kind of stuff being loaded and the kind of faces seem to be climbing up and jumping on the band wagon of Mr. Khan have already proven  their worth and acumen some where or the other especially over the last 15 yrs.

I am afraid art of leadership is not a mere slogan of change. It adds to so many dimensions of personal character and so many factors of personal influence.          

  From Tahrir Square To Shatila Camp

A guru of Leadership and Management Sciences has said that “Leadership is a human endeavor and although people vary greatly at an individual level, but as a group we fundamentally operate today in the same way we have operated since the beginning of recorded history.” 

It is a wisdom to tell that Leadership is there to evolve and not to build personal empires of controls and manipulations. But leader of today anywhere in the world  is operating under negative fantasies and it is so unfortunate to opine that the basic operating mechanism of the Leader of today is none else but  “Betrayal of Consciousness”. Despite that there is so huge  investment of men and material resources in the leadership development industry, leadership character as a double standard in the modern world is now an international curse not at all limited only to our country and society. Specially under perspectives of current economic melt down and continuously growing   crises in financial sector that has produced million miles of gap between outrageously richie rich and slum dogs, the role of leadership today is most critical than ever before. Even in most developed parts of the world, we are now hearing loud voices as such “ The leadership decisions  made as part of the current financial crises have not been a matter of leadership ability but a matter of Leadership Character”. Leaders did not show the strength to stand against the thread of greed woven throughout capitalistic system neither did they learn from their past mistakes. Resultantly their character shortcomings crippled their ability to lead effectively.

Experts of human behavior say that major reason of self contradiction in human behaviors lies in the individual’s personal fear of the unknown. Actually we do not fear from what is known, but we are always afraid of things which we do not know but we do perceive and apprehend about.  That what we do not know, actually frightens us into such inexplicable behavior of ourselves and our organizations where we function.

  Cat in the Bag

Fear of loss, fear of separation and fear of punishment are major factors that dominate and influence our behavior, attitudes and our working capacities. This inside hidden fear of being punished, rejected and separated from an advantage or a benefit or protection provides enormous potential to compromise, surrender and succumb. Under these  fear factors we frequently take actions and decisions in much contradiction to what we really want and desire to do. Living in such fears we defeat the very purpose of what we are actually trying to achieve for ourselves and for the organization we work for.  According to bookish idealistic and non-practical theories of scholars and professors the Leadership Character is based on Faith and faith evolves around six basic behavioral and attitudinal factors like: Wisdom, Courage, Hope, Temperance,  Justice and Love.  Each of these six behavioral factors needs time to time self assessment and reassessment to ascertain self characterization of leadership. "I refer few lines of Mr.  Phil Eastman: 'It would be nice if becoming an effective leader was easy – and if all the ideas and techniques you read about or experience in workshops were simple to use. However, the real world is something else again. Becoming a great leader is hard work. The leadership development industry has softened the reality of leadership, boiling it down to formulas, tips and tricks. The ability to lead is built on character. Leadership is a life long pursuit in which time and experience matter greatly. It is fraught with pain and exhilaration.

No doubt that “Every leader leads from his or her personal character” but in my humble opinion every leader leads also by the character of his influencers.