Leak the news on the phone, a lasting track Eldar Murtazin recently tweeted, Samsung’s followers should be released Samsung Galaxy S4 stay tuned. Even if you do not believe that to believe that, at the date of issue floating in Twitter, you may have to be vigilant, just in case.

Murtazin guess the release date is March 14. He even let out a launch site in New York. Nokia leak confirmed, although he maintained a good record, you can not be 100% sure, because of false alarms in the past. More or less the rumors may be true, as the Galaxy the S4 release is considered to be sometime this summer. Here are some of the specifications, to give you a picture, the new Samsung phone.

A full-featured 5-inch LCD
10 or 13 megapixel camera
The four core Exynos5440 chip, the super processor

samsung galaxy s4 spec price in pakistan