Google has said for years, selling links that pass PageRank violates our quality guidelines. We continue to reiterate, guidance, remind site owners and webmasters of this policy on a regular basis.

Please be alert if someone close to you, and are willing to pay you links that pass PageRank on your website or soft paper advertising page. Sales links that pass PageRank violates our quality guidelines, and Google and other violations action (or an entire embedded the soft text link advertising pages). Began to lose trust in Google’s search results for a linkselling site you can see the site’s PageRank in the Google Toolbar, and to reduce the consequences. The consequences can also lower, including the site’s ranking in Google’s search results.

If you receive a sales links that pass PageRank warnings in Google Webmaster Tools, you will see a notification message, look for “man-made or natural links on your site pointing to other sites, intended to manipulate PageRank. “this is an indication that your site in Google’s index has lost trust.

To solve this problem, make sure that your site does not have any paid links that pass PageRank. You can delete any paid links or soft paper advertising page, or to ensure that any payment hyperlink rel = “nofollow” attribute. Ensure that no paid links that pass PageRank on your site, you can submit a reconsideration request on your website if you have a manual network junk action, was in Google’s review request. The review request, you will receive notice of the application for reconsideration, whether granted or not.

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We take this issue very seriously, so we recommend that you avoid the sales (and buy) links that pass PageRank, to prevent the loss of trust, a lower PageRank in the Google Toolbar, a low ranking, or in extreme cases, from Google out of the search results.

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