By Ayesha T Villalobos

From Allah, whom you all love

originated the world

 for the good of humanity

 Your heroes have died for it in the name of the laws of your country

to the most obscure victims of modern warfare


 Countless have suffered and died in your name

 A name usurped by others! How many victims of resentment

 of aspiration, of ignorance

have died blessing you and wishing you all happiness!


Land of the Pure, beautiful and great

 Is the country when her sons

At the call of the battle

ever ready to preserve the ancient land of their ancestors


 Furious, superior, when from her throne she beholds the outsider escape in panic

 but when alienated in opposing camps

they destroy one another, when anger and rancour destroy the fields

the towns and the cities, then she in disgrace


 Tears her garments and, hurling away her sceptre

 laid on bereavement for her dead

 Whatsoever then, be your circumstances

Love her always and yearn nothing but her good


Ye who have thou lost your hearts ideal

 Ye who desire to love but find no one worthy

behold your country, adore her! Love her, yes

but no longer as she was loved in previous times, with the way of vicious virtues


Deprived and condemned by proper morality and the natural law

 Obliteration and cruelty, no, a radiant dawn is on the horizon

softer and more serene, the herald of life and peace, and the real dawn

 the indication of happy and tranquil days

  Israel-Palestine Ceasefire


Pakistan; What a shame that most of your countrymen

 and the vicious life that they lead, the idleness

 and meaningless conversations

 disillusioned by this milieu they adhere to political parties against their belief

 or seek notoriety at the cost of money and self respect


 Not on their own merits

 but with feast and exhibitionism

 unaware that such notoriety is a burning scrap of paper

 leaving only ruins that afterwards tarnish and destroyed


You have been born into a society

 Whose political existence is fragmented

 that you can have no other option

than to acquiesce or to expire


Your sense of right and wrong must decide which is to be chosen

 Cast your trust to Allah and in the sincerity of your intentions

 If desiring and having desired the good brings misfortune as a reward…

 What are you to do?

Ayesha (Sylvia) Villalobos is a scholar and a political activist from Phillipines. She is a student of InternationalRelations with extensive research in Muslim world. She has her heart vibrating for Muslim unity and creation of a Muslim Common Market that she refers to as ‘Ummah.’ For the past sometime, she has been writing for Opinion Maker.