Kuwait Embassy/Consulate Documents/Degrees Attestation

When a person from Pakistan goes abroad for job or business or whatever the reason. He has to attest the certificates from that country’s embassy or consulate. As there are millions of people are working in Gulf and the people in Kuwait is also in thousands. So when they travelled to Kuwait for work. They have to present their documents for verification. These documents are necessary to attest from their embassy.

Certificate Attestation Process for Kuwait Embassy/Consulate

Embassy/Consulate attestation,original documents has to be attested first from the issuing state of document, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan & Kuwait Embassy (Islamabad)/ Kuwait Consulate(Islamabad)

Documents required for Educational/Personal certificate attestation for Kuwait Embassy/Consulate Attestation

MEA Attestation Original certificate
MEA Attestation Passport copy

Kuwait - Pakistan - Embassy - Attestation

Documents Attestation from Saudi Culture