By  Yousaf Alamgirian

One is stunned how a human can accept the responsibility of such a brutality killing school going children. The Peshawar school bus attack has saddened each and every Pakistani and has left piece for thought who the hell these people are and where do they would have been brought up as they can even kill the most innocent souls. School going children seem like fairies and they look so cute in their school uniforms that even worse enemy can’t dare to think to kill them. There are certain values and norms of every religion and society that they respect elders, women and children. None of the religion teaches otherwise. Islam is rather more particular in giving respect to the women and children.

The people who are accepting its responsibility seems creatures of some jungle world where they never had any sort of interaction with the human societies and the masses. One can think that they must have grown up in the lap of some mother. How unfortunate those mothers and fathers are whose children later on convert themselves into the lot which harm the societies. The terrorists must have accepted its responsibility in order to harass the people but the they have achieved more hatred from the common people residing all over the country as no person can ever support them to kill the innocent masses especially the kids.

The only message that terrorists have succeeded to give through this incident is that they are un-reparable commodity and they are not going to learn anything from Quran, Hadith and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet had taught His followers that killing a one innocent Muslim is like killing the whole humanity. What to talk about killing the most innocent creature’ i.e. ‘small school going kids’. The people who can kill small kids and then very proudly can take its responsibility can’t be declared as Muslims. They are not even humans. They are simply ‘terrorists’.

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In Islamic culture if someone is having grievances with other party they never show their anger to their kids and families. Even in war like situation the Prophet clearly ordered the troops not to harm old citizen, women and the children. They only used to fight the opponent soldiers who were fighting with them in the battlefield. History tells that when the daughter of Hatim Tai, a pious man, was arrested in a war the Prophet ordered that she must be looked after properly. She was presented with the gifts and was sent back with full honour and dignity. Islam orders to practice its values even during the war. The people who are not even sparing the small kids are obviously strengthening the hands of the anti Islam segments and the enemies of Pakistan. The religious parties heads and the religious scholars must come out of their dens to condemn such attacks and give Fatwa in the light of Quran and Islamic teaching that Islam is religion of peace never allows anyone to be engaged in terrorists activities.

Pakistan has already suffered a lot in the war on terrorism. Ironically not a single Pakistani was involved in 9/11. All of the convicts were from Arab countries and Osma Bin Laden was said to be there in Afghanistan. Principally Pakistan had nothing to do with the 9/11. Yet Pakistan fought war on terror as front line state and it is the one which has lost 35 thousand of its citizens, three thousands of Pakistan army troops have given their lives. Pakistan has faced loss of 68 billion dollars. The amount which had to be given Pakistan in terms of coalition support fund is still pending. There are many visible and invisible enemies who are behind Pakistan’s stability and are hell bent upon to paralyze the infrastructure to declare the same a failed state. Leon Panetta still says that Pakistan’s “some” cooperation was there to fight al-Qaida. America only lost three thousand people in 9/11 and Pakistan has so for lost near about 40 thousand people which is still considered “some” cooperation.

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So in the scenario where ‘do more mantra’ is still there and Pakistan’s efforts are not being appropriately honored by the American influenced world which happily accepts conspiracy theories like terrorist even can occupy the state. The incidents like killing the school going kids will further support the mindset that radicalization prevails everywhere and the educated and moderate factions are hostages in the hands of terrorists. Nation has to tell the world that it has the resolve and will to fight extremism and radicalization to bring Pakistan in the row of developed and prosperous countries and to establish peace in the world.