Very few startups make it big in their lifetime, let alone make it big! has managed to both make it and make it big within its first year of startup in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan.

On the first anniversary of in Pakistan, the company held a press conference where they highlighted the growth of the venture within the first year of its startup and its scope in future. is an online marketplace in Pakistan which brings together both the sellers and buyers and accepts certain responsibilities pertaining to transactions, home delivery, shipping and customer service. From having 2100 orders a month to over 16000 in one year, the growth of the venture is commendable and hope inspiring. One of the major things that boosts the confidence of people in Kaymu Pakistan is its practice of cash on delivery model.

Pakistan is a place where people feel hesitant trusting third parties where they do not know how they will contact if something goes wrong. Despite this, the fact remains that the majority of the consumers, especially the new ones feel inherently threatened by the electronic transaction processes. They fear that their hard earned money might become subject to cyber scams or other well setup fraud schemes. Taking these fears in account, has specially started the practice of Cash on Delivery so that the people all over can feel totally at ease while placing their orders, knowing that if they find anything amiss in their order, they can always refuse to pay and demand a change. Since this includes the element of tangibility, the buyer can examine goods before paying for them like in any other regular mart or retail shop and in addition with the touch and feel senses aiding them in this process, they feel more secure in this process.

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Due to this forum and its customer friendly practices, more and more people in Pakistan are coming towards online shopping. Where it is traditional to first try out a few products and then make a final decision, those same people are now choosing the convenience of shopping from home, without having to waste all their time on the market street, going from shop to shop for price comparison or product checking.

In addition to this, Pakistani youth has realized that the virtual world has offered the real world to them on a silver platter and they intend to make full use of this opportunity and the online marketplace is just one of the major mediums through which they can do this.