The film is based on a Pakistani’s life who went from cleaning tables to opening an investment bank on Wall Street.

Eman Bente Syed, producer of Jalaibee, took announced that Sermad Films is in the process of making another film ‘Karachi to Wall Street’ in collaboration with a Hollywood production company.


The name of the production company has not been disclosed yet but we do know who was the inspiration for the film.

Karachi to Wall Street is based on the real life story of Mr Mohammad Ali Khan, a Pakistani who went from cleaning tables in New York to opening up his own investment bank in the city. He was the first Muslim to do so and his story was shared by Humans of Pakistan a while back.

Now Sermad Films plans to tell Khan’s story to the world through a film. The true rags to riches story is an inspiring tale of hardship and redemption.


Muhammad Ali Khan used to clean the tables at Burger King and eventually he managed to open up his very own investment bank on the famous Wall Street. But that was not all. Fate had another blow in store for him as he faced discrimination, monetary loss and separation from his wife at the age of 33.

Khan didn’t lose hope and despite the $150 million loss he didn’t give up on his life and came back to Pakistan to start a new life. He worked hard for the next 12 years and became Federal Advisor to the government of Pakistan and started a Take Over Fund in Dubai. He now lives with his two sons.

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Historically, movies which show a struggle to a success do well at the box office. Viewers root for the underdog hope that they overcome by the end.

The production house is already brimming in Jalaibee’s success at the box office. The ensemble cast – Sabeeka Imam, Zhalay Sarhadi, Wiqar Ali Khan, Danish Taimoor, Sajjid Hassan, Ali Safina – and high production quality is attracting audience across Pakistan.

The Pakistani entrepreneur’s story is full of hope and misery and will definitely make for a good cinematic experience.