1.         Eastern border violation at LOC during last days and resultantly situation arising is causing concerns to investors.

2.         Long march of a non elected leader claiming revolution in politic under the umbrella of  media to Islamabad in the shadow of forthcoming elections induces uncertain atmosphere and  happening in future.

3.         Flour shortage all over the country, petrol in upper Punjab to check long march momentum and CNG at many places is significantly important for effective handling and uninterrupted supply.

4.         Brutal act of terrorism in Baluchistan leaves sensitive impact on people and raise questions about security.

5.         Karachi remains volatile with thousand of regular troops physically based in backing up to operation of election commission.

Realities &  Impact

1.         Stock market has seen all time high in the beginning of year.

2.         Investors are confuse and unclear about events unfolding in future.

3.         Volumes have reduced considerably.

4.         Market base reduced despite high indices

5.         Corporate results are in offing with banks to announce dividends and bonus.

Outlook & Recommendations

1.         Market is expected to see a bumpy ride in this week with more sensitiveness to news and event coming in.

2.         In worst scenario market may not sustain 16,250 levels during current week.

3.         Positive unfolding ahead market may add upto 100 -150 points on wow basis.

4.         Wait and watch is the best strategy currently suggested to investors.

Fahim Akhtar “Secretary General AIA”
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