Ali Muhammad Usmani

Joint Secretary

Associaltion for Investors’ Awareness.


After Deadly and fearful day on yesterday with the cancellation of  indefinite period strike by Leading Party at Financial Hub… give some relief, but all in all this would not give 100% immunity to the city and especially to the country…., but some controllable pressure had been called off, this make some chance to the market to show some positive trend.

Market Today, is expected to gain some +125 points with good and healthy volume…..

The KSE  index movement, which crossed the 18,000 limit, showing the sign of opportunities available in the Financial hub and ultimately in the country, but some political and economical uncertainities would abstain such improvement in GDP. The amendment in law and order situation, with authentic judicial system, will enable the country to lead the region…. PAKKISTAN ZINDABAD.