Karachi Stock Exchange DHIYAN (FORECAST) for Monday, 4th March, 2013:

Ali Muhammad Usmani

Joint Secretary

Associaltion for Investors’ Awareness.


Today, Market seems to get some political pressure, as the metropolis City Karachi rocked by twin deadly blasts.
Market will artificially under some pressure, where it is uncertain to predict its duration. On Economical and Technical ground, Market also needs to get some short haul corrections, as its has backed by fundamentals.

Market seems to show some pressurous movement today, where some mixd movement will be expected in early hours, but it is also expected that market will recover as the day progresses.
Today, Market will about to lose initially -70 points, and later on will touch +55 points.
Recomendation are:::
Textile Sector, Chemical sector (only for fundamental strong shares), Telecom sector (if any news related to ICH) will get boost today