After killing of four MQM workers. Mutahida Qaumi Movement announced a day of mourning plus shutter down strike. Also requested to public transport owners to participate in their peaceful protest. Meanwhile, be remember, it’s first protest after banning Altaf Hussain speeches by PEMRA. Which was very shocking news for the karachite.
Why it’s so important? 

This would be first strike after Saulat Mirza Assassination by MQM. According to them, Rangers killed four innocent workers, While Pakistani Paramilitary forces claimed that they all were target killers. ALLAH knows, who is right.

Tomorrow, a lot of things will be clear that how many people still supporting MQM who proclaimed largest political party of Economic hub of Pakistan, Karachi. If MQM failed to show street power on 12th September 2015, then it would be hard times for MQM workers and it’s future will be too dark. On contrary, If MQM succeeded in tomorrow protest, it will definitely effect Karachi ongoing operation.

In my opinion, MQM will not get success in showing large number of protesters. Because no one wants to put his life in great danger. As Rangers already warned people to keep away from such protests and strike.

Furthermore, MQM blamed on Federal Government for victimizing it through ongoing Karachi Operation.