By Raja G Mujtaba

On the subject, S M Hali conducted his weekly Talk, Defence and Diplomacy on PTV. In this talk, besides the author, Prof Salma Malik was also on the panel. The video clipping of the same is embedded at the end of the article.

Today lies and fallacies of 911 stand exposed like a bright sunshine. It was not only the people of the US taken for a ride but the entire world was sucked into its propaganda that was unleashed to bring havoc and complete annihilation of the Muslim world. Since it was launched by a joint operation of CIA and Mossad,  hundreds of thousands Muslims around the world have been maimed, slain, tortured, humiliated and captured for no fault of theirs except them being Muslims who wanted to live upright.

Bush started the war based on lies, Obama carried it forward. Today even after 11 years of occupation, the US has not understood the Afghan mind; the US had announced that it would be a quick war in Afghanistan whereby after dismantling Al-Qaeda and the Taliban Regime they were to leave but that was not so; it was a false goal. They landed here with the intention to stay, thinking it an easy walkover. Failed to take any lessons from history, the Brits are buried here and so is the Soviet Union, now will the US walk out of it or finds its grave next to the Brits and the Soviet Union depends on the US itself. With the passage of time, they were sucked in more and more into the death trap. Now it’s not the Taliban who are fighting but the Afghans who do not want to see any foreign military presence on their soil.

Recent blunders or acts of savageries by the US and her NATO allies have not only further hardened the Afghans but also united them across the board. Urinating over the dead Afghans, burning of the Holy Quran, night rampage where 16 civilians including women and children were killed have all added fuel to the fire. Now the Taliban penetration into Afghan National Army is so deep that the US and NATO troops are attacked from within besides a large quantity of arms and ammunition being passed on to the freedom fighters.

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On top of that they also attacked Pakistan’s Salala Border Post where 24 Pakistani troops were killed that resulted in the closure of

 NATO supplies that still remain closed till now have come in a deadlock. The US refuses to apologize and cut out drone attacks have further delayed the resumption of the NATO supplies. Spring season has always seen the resumption of Mujahideen attacks on the invaders but this year, they had an added advantage of blocked NATO supplies now in its 6th month since the suspension of the supplies that has made the US vulnerable to such attacks. The blockade of supplies has affected the operational capability of the US.

It is for these reasons, that the US is so desperate to have the supplies resumed, all sorts of pressure is being brought on Pakistan more so on its military but till now all has been sustained.

Pakistan must not allow any FBI/CIA agents on its soil for any reason. It’s a glaring truth that since the arrest and deportation of Raymond Davis and hundreds of other agents, Pakistan has seen a great reduction in suicide attacks; now if for any reason, the US contractors or CIA/FBI agents are allowed to operate, they will not hesitate to sniff around and plant destruction for Pakistan.

The US is not leaving but only trying to change her face. They will outsource to civilian contractors to replace the men in uniform. Maintain a minimum presence in uniform that can be reinforced at a short notice. The recently signed Strategic Agreement between Afghanistan and the US the contents of which have not been disclosed indicates that.

Allowing of drones would be disastrous for Pakistan; if Iran can develop or acquire the technology Pakistan with a more developed scientific base should also demonstrate a similar capability. But its more than likely that Iran may have acquired it from Russia or China, if that be the case Pakistan can also work individually or jointly with some foreign source to develop something similar or better to counter the menace of drones that have been perfected at the cost of Pakistan.

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Af-Pak Ambassador Grossman visited Pakistan to negotiate the resumption of NATO supplies but the talks were stalled because the US is not willing to apologize and also not ready to abandon the drone attacks. Although its apparent that sooner or later, the supplies would be resumed but not at the cost Pakistan’s sovereignty, honour , dignity and integrity.

Now it’s been over a decade that US lead NATO forces are making no headway in Afghanistan. But every year there is some statement from someone in a position of responsibility and authority who every year make claims now it’s the final year before the war is wrapped up and victory would be declared; then every year proves to be worse than the previous one for the US and her NATO allies. Rory Stewart, the British MP, has deduced a an analogy since 2004 or so, every subsequent year has been declared to be the final year to crush, break and defeat Taliban but as his talk progresses, it sounds funny the way these battle crazy are trying to fool the world. He gave a talk in Ted Talks presented a very precise list of generals, diplomats and political leaders of NATO countries how they declared every as the last year of the Afghan War but then the afghan fighters in rag tags with no organized army or supply of latest sophisticated weapons . The video clipping of Stewart is attached for the benefit of the reader.

After every failure of a battle or attack on the ISAF or NATO troops, the blame is very conveniently shifted onto Pakistan. Why they blame Pakistan is for the following reasons.

  • Denuclearize Pakistan.
  • Deislamise Pakistan.
  • Demilitarize Pakistan.

Without achieving these objectives, the Zionist propelled   West cannot make any headway. It’s only due to our strategic capabilities that Pakistan has been able to sustain the American pressures to abandon the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline. This pipeline would become the forerunner of future strong relations between Iran and Pakistan. Both the countries have similar threats and for similar reasons; Pakistan for its nuclear capability and Iran for acquiring the capability.

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If Pakistan proceeds cautiously, with determination then this can augur into much bigger trade in the near future.  Pakistan can import gas, oil and electric power from Iran. Bringing a pipeline to pump huge oil into Pakistan can be re-exported from Gwadar to other countries. Also a sizeable refinery can be established at Gwadar to meet domestic demand and also to export the refined products to ear much needed foreign exchange to meet our trade deficit.

To re-engage with the US, the following must be kept in mind:

  • No free transit of NATO supplies should be subjected to 10K US dollars per container.
  • Drone attacks must cease unconditional.
  • No lethal equipment must be allowed to transit through Pakistan.
  • Half the load should be move by rail to bring that back on track.
  • No more coalition in so called war on terror. This war has brought us more destruction both in human and financial terms. Also we have antagonized Muslims around the world.
  • The US must not establish Indian hegemony in the region and subject Pakistan to it. If the US establishes India in Afghanistan then the region would never be at peace.
  • As its being done under the US pressure, MFN status to India must be reviewed; it needs to be put on the backburner till such time that India solves outstanding issues. Allowing transit facility to India for Afghanistan would mean more dumping of arms into Pakistan to spread insurgency.
  • The US must not interfere in Pakistan’s foreign relations that Pakistan deems fit for its benefit.

If Pakistan fails to en-cash this opportunity to its advantage once for all then it would be very difficult in times to come. If the cards are played carefully, Pakistan can even get her loans written off.